What are the characteristics of activated carbon filter is suitable for industrial production

by:Booguan     2020-11-18
Activated carbon air filtration product equipment

activated carbon filter is a very common filter equipment, its characteristic is simple structure, strong adsorption capacity, and meet the requirement in the majority of users of the economy, so the activated carbon filter is widely used in family life and industrial production environment. Knowledge of activated carbon filter, may still have a lot of people use it for formaldehyde adsorption, or used in liquid separation system. But in the performance of the activated carbon filter, activated carbon filter can be satisfied with the performance of most of the complex industrial production environment.

activated carbon filter is to use of microporous structure of the layer structure of activated carbon to adsorb some extremely tiny particles of dust, so whether in the liquid purification separation, or separation, gas purification, is a more common filter materials. Activated carbon filter on indoor gaseous pollutants has a good adsorption performance, the activated carbon filter will be gradually applied to industrial production.

at present, the test and theoretical studies of active carbon fiber filter is relatively mature, so the activated carbon filter has more wide application, can be used for purification of ventilation equipment, for example, can also be used for purification of industrial production operation. Due to the chemical performance of active carbon is stable, not easy with some gas or liquid with chemical properties produces chemical reaction, so the activated carbon filter is often used to some complex gas liquid purification environment, such as high temperature environment, corrosive environment and so on.

in addition, according to the different using requirements, the structure of the activated carbon filter must have some different, activated carbon filter can choose bags or bulk structure in the structure, filtering performance and no obvious difference, but the applicable scenario would be significantly different, concrete can be used according to the environment, determine the way you choose structure.

of course, a big advantage is that activated carbon filter durability is extremely high, for a long time to use activated carbon filter, can through the way of backwash, adsorption in the activated carbon filter microporous structure of a large number of dust cleaning, cleaning is finished, can be repeated use for many times, therefore, activated carbon filter and no expiration time, only need regular monitoring of their performance, can be recycled.

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