What are the advantages of high efficiency filter? Wo zirac count

by:Booguan     2020-10-24
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some when selecting a filter that will be more inclined to choose high efficiency filter, after all in a lot of filtering work, high efficiency filter can show a lot of advantages, these advantages hepa filter has also become very much important link in enterprise production processes. The advantage of high efficiency filter exactly what? Wo yi is here to help you count to here.

filtration precision is higher, the effect is good, high efficiency filter, the filter material used by the fiber diameter itself is relatively small, such as filter filter material specific surface area is larger, the gap between the filter material is very small, filter through the filter material, cleanliness is higher, filtration precision is high.

filtration efficiency, faster: filtering and high efficiency filter material is larger than the surface, at the same time, stronger adsorption impurities of ability, also let air filtration product efficiency will be higher, at the same time, more efficient filter can filter capacity of the filter medium.

but regulatory stronger: fiber density and high efficiency filter can be adjusted in the lower filter unit, will have to adjust the fiber density device, so that we can by adjusting the density of fiber, and the filtration precision and air filtration product resistance and capacity of sewage and so on carries on the adjustment, make filtering and high efficiency filter meet the needs of the enterprise.

section carrying capacity is larger: efficient filter itself of the carrying capacity is very big, can reach 2 ~ 4 times the normal filter, such filter capacity can make whole filter for longer periods of time, avoid filtering in a short time then I need to clean the filtering equipment.

filter of low cost: through the above several aspects of qualities, can see out, efficient filter can within a period of time, complete the work of the workload is bigger, so we can determine that the same amount of filter medium in the process of filtration, high efficiency filter time is shorter, the precision of the filter will be higher.

long service life: as the filter material is pollution, can be timely cleaning, in many cases it is not need to be replaced, wait until the filter material can't meet the filter requirements, only need to change, and it often takes a long time.

efficient filter itself has a lot of advantages, in the process of choose and buy, companies also need to pay attention to their own needs, often quality is very good, after all, high efficiency filter, the price is not low, enterprises should reasonably calculate the budget, purchase model and quality can bring help for the enterprise high efficiency filter.

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