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by:Booguan     2020-11-15
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now many high to the requirement of clean room environment, such as biomedical research, basic laboratory and so on. So I need you use clean room filter, what are the main function of this kind of filter? What kind of effect can impact on the environment? This is a lot of science and technology personnel constantly understanding problems.

priority, the main purpose of the clean room filter analysis

clean room filter for air pollution has good effect, it is applied in all kinds of laboratory. Especially biomedical as popular, so there is inseparable from the filter.

in the biological laboratory, there are a lot of function classification, such as chemical medicine research, genetic recombination and so on, each should have a set of laboratory air filtration product equipment, at the same time should also reach safety standards. It security is not only a lab personnel, but also provide environment for specimen material foundation.

second, clean room filter processing object

is different from ordinary filter, clean room filter air filtration product area bigger, because of the special laboratory conditions it faces also has a lot of particles of gases. So everyone carries on the classification, the filter can play a role.

the first is primary factor, it mainly contains pathogenic factor, but will not cause harm to human body, also won't lead to disease, so the impact is low.

followed by secondary lab. It has potential risk, there will be no serious harm, but I need everyone to prevent them.

is level 3 and level 4, after this kind of environment is in danger, some still can spread, so need to be very seriously, to cut off the route of transmission.

so, under each big lab grade distribution, people see the important role of the filter.

third, clean room filter installation matters

during the installation process, there are two ways we can choose, is the top priority method, the second is the compression method. Their operational efficiency is very high, but we must pay attention to the compression method using range is limited, intelligent on condole top position.

in addition, we should also pay attention to the flow direction and the installation location, these need us in a timely manner to check the casing outside the arrow and operating instructions, once the reverse operation will affect the filtering effect. At the same time pay attention to the light to take light put, avoid damage, be sure to check specifications and functions of the sealant.

above is an introduction to the basic of clean room filter. Believe a lot of people to the lab with various understanding, and then from the height of the lab environment requires understanding the basic function of the filter.

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