Water treatment filtration equipment use notice what common sense?

by:Booguan     2020-11-17
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we can find the Shanghai water treatment filter has a good performance, as more and more businesses start to introduce this kind of equipment in the field of, have to say, its excellent filtering effect to bring us a more efficient operation and convenient operation. So in the use of water treatment equipment, which need to master the basic common sense?

Shanghai water treatment filtration equipment using information common sense

and now on the market have different kinds of water treatment air filtration product equipment, we can see that each type of device has its own performance and appearance modelling, this time we must according to the characteristics of the equipment and operation mode to select the correct installation method.

any second, Shanghai water treatment air filtration product equipment time pay attention to the replacement of filter, especially for industrial use of water treatment equipment, to the requirement of water quality is higher, if not timely replacement filter, may lead to water quality cannot meet the standard.

the 3rd, if choose water treatment equipment are in need of dosing, so everyone must choose standard carries on the quantitative dosing metering pump, and in terms of adding the amount need to adjust according to the actual situation of work, so as to ensure the safety of the water treatment equipment operation more efficient.

4, during the installation process, you need to stand in the later use of perspective, in order to facilitate the installation and maintenance of late, a certain amount of space needed, so as to ensure clean, and the basis of the late everyday has enough space for maintenance.

5, on a regular basis related inspection, see the in and out of the situation, sewage pipes and circuit problems, if found abnormal phenomenon, must immediately stop running, to exclude anomalies, after restart, the operation of the water treatment equipment cannot exist some defects.

6, when the failure problem, you don't rush to repair, the important thing is to find the cause of equipment failure problems, sometimes not because equipment appeared, it may be that the problem such as water quality or circuit voltage.

for the application of Shanghai water treatment air filtration product equipment has gradually became popular, people must be familiar with relevant technical standards, and set a perfect and effective maintenance plan and daily management, to ensure that the water treatment equipment can gain for the timely and effective maintenance, reduce the failure rate at the same time, improve efficiency, let each user's filtering effect better, to bring us a reliable guarantee.

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