water and air filter saleswoman says individual posing as female customer raped her

by:Booguan     2020-09-04
A Johor-
Earlier this week, a District woman selling water and air filters submitted a police report claiming that one of her potential clients lured her into thinking he was a woman on WhatsApp, and later, it is said that the two raped her while they were alone.
A 43-year-old nameless womanyear-
The married old mother of Iskandar Puteri told the police that the suspect threatened her with a screwdriver and knife, forcing her to follow him.
On Monday, a WhatsApp was received from a person using a female name, which indicated an interest in installing water and air filters in their home.
The two decided to meet at one location and the victim was told that one person would pick her up and take her to the office.
When the victim arrived, she claimed someone was waiting for her.
She told her to enter his yellow Myvi and initially she believed he was just the driver.
However, after driving to a strange place, the man stopped the car and threatened the woman.
She told the police that she had followed his instructions out of fear of life.
She then sent the victim back to her car, went straight to the nearest police station and submitted a report.
90 minutes later, the authorities arrested the man and confirmed that the suspect had previously had a criminal record of using force to provoke the man\'s humility.
In the article, water and air filter products sales said a man posing as a female customer raped her and she initially appeared on coconut, Asia\'s leading alternative media company.
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