Wastewater treatment using ceramsite filter material what are the characteristics?

by:Booguan     2020-11-17
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filter material as the name suggests is the material used to filter material, familiar with liao friends should know that the type of filter material has a lot of, one of which is ceramsite filter material, the for wastewater treatment using ceramsite filter material what are the characteristics? Do you know? Small make up then make a brief introduction for you.

1, the use of inorganic inert materials by high temperature fire and become, even if the long time bubble leaching will not to release any water composition, does not produce secondary pollution;

2, large specific surface area, as a filler filter material is suitable for all kinds of microbial growth, on the surface to create smooth, highly active biofilm, with good water is better;

3, surface pores, good biological compatibility, microbial breeding will be faster in the surface layer of its porous structure, processing efficiency is high;

4, has the very good surface adsorption characteristics, such as in the biological filter system, ceramsite surface not only has the biological oxidation, also possess the function of the biofilm and intercept suspended matter;

5, shape, specifications, filter material layer of symmetry of the distribution of crack backwashing effect is obvious; Can effectively solve irregular filter material for filter material layer crack distribution is not symmetrical head loss caused by shortcomings and so on, easy to jam, agglomerate;

6, choose a certain particle size grading, can promote and use efficiency of the filter material, pollutant carrying capacity to reduce head loss;

7, compressive strength, friction resistance, high physical and chemical stability, long service life.

8, large-scale production and processing, price real benefit. Now has developed a variety of grades and the prices are different ceramsite filter material, can according to the water treatment engineering actual situation, to meet the different needs of customers.

that understanding the characteristics of the ceramsite filter material, that is how to use in practice?

through the above content, we know that ceramsite filter material is chosen through burning swelling or sintering and inorganic inert material, bubble soak for a long time will not to release any water pollution, so will not cause secondary pollution, and ceramsite filter material has a lot of space inside, when the water from the ceramsite layer through, can adsorption and blocking the water a lot of sundry, for some, ceramsite can filter as a kind of high quality materials used to use to filter technology; The other and has the characteristics of light weight, large specific surface area, can be used as a carrier of microorganism to wastewater processing and deep processing.

ceramsite filter material in the field of water treatment using specific have the following several aspects:

1, daily water filtering

because of ceramsite filter, no toxicity, no smell, filtering effect is obvious, can be used as a filter material production and processing daily tap water.

2, as a biological filler used to feed pretreatment process

in feed water treatment pretreatment process, the biological membrane method is generally selected at this stage, concrete containing biological contact oxidation and biological filter, rotary table, biological fluidized bed, etc. By attached growth on the filler surface of biological membrane adsorption of organic compounds in water, nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients in metabolism, achieve the effect of purifying water body. In the domestic many places such as reservoirs, lakes, the environmental pollution of water resources in biological pretreatment of the experimental results show that use of biological sludge ceramsite pretreatment can effectively remove the water turbidity, bacteria, dissolving organic matter in the rat, ammonia nitrogen, chrominance components such as environmental pollution, and can improve the subsequent processing technology on removal efficiency of pollutants.

3, as the biological stuffing used for sewage treatment

as a biological contact oxidation and biological filter, biological rotating disc, microbial carriers such as biological fluidized bed sewage, such as can as filling material used to aeration biological filter, city sewage processing.

4, the deep processing of sewage

because ceramsite filter material with porous structure, large specific surface area, so a good adsorption properties, combined with the advantages of the acid and alkali chemical and thermal stability, can be used as adsorption material used for the deep processing of wastewater. Data shows, ceramsite filter material of chromium, silver, zinc and phosphorus have strong removal function, can replace the activated carbon in some situations, used as a cheap and fine adsorbent.

through the above introduction, we should have the characteristics and application of ceramsite filter material to understand somewhat, if you have any sewage filtering needs, can see the ceramsite filter material meets your needs.

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