volvo c30 cabin air filter replacement

by:Booguan     2020-09-02
Do you want to deal with some minor maintenance tasks on your car?
This is a simple task in theory, but a little insight is needed to make it go smoothly.
We will replace the Volvo C30 of the car air conditioning filter (
Or S40, V50, C70).
You need the following tools: Ratchet driver;
10mm deep socket; 3\" extension; Optional -
Torx T20 driver
Part: First of all, buy a new air filter products.
If you do not use a real Volvo part, please make sure that the changed filter is in the correct size (
8 1/4 \"x 9\" x 1 3/8 \"), format (flexible)& trim (
Sponge stripping along 2 shorter edges).
I used the NAPA model 9354, but if there is no granular carbon (charcoal)in it. (
Optional: you may want to remove some of the interior decorations to make it easier to get nuts etc :(3)
Torx T20 head screws).
Remove accelerator (gas)pedal (3 nuts -
1 Bottom and 2 top: 10mm deep socket with 3 \"extension).
Then remove the electrical connector in the upper right corner of the accelerator pedal assembly (
The harness is fixed by 1 clip: at the top of the connector, at the edge closest to the drive).
Remove the white plastic butterfly screw on the top edge of the gas box cover. (
Optional: You may wish to remove the round plastic plug (push-in / pry-out)
A place with carpet. )
Filter for pollen removal-
It is flexible and easy to bend, but it may be necessary to manipulate it behind the brake pedal. (
Knowing this in advance will save you great grief! )
Before installing the new pollen filter, suck out the leaves and debris from the gas tank.
Please note the direction of the airflow arrow marked on the new filter.
Installed with an arrow facing driver as air flows back to the cabin from the front of the vehicle.
Again, be careful to manipulate the new filter behind the brake pedal.
Some models are optional (not mine)
: Continue to check and clean the internal air temperature sensor as it can be accessed by removing the internal trim.
Reinstall the gas box cover and fix it with a white butterfly screw.
Reconnect the harness to the accelerator assembly and reconnect the bolts to the firewall.
Confirm the tightness of electrical connections and bolts.
With pollen-free cabin air, you can breathe more easily!
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