Ventilation filter in use process, should grasp the basic common sense

by:Booguan     2020-10-30
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want to improve the service life of the air filter, so to master the basic common sense points, repair and maintenance of basic measures, can further bring everyone more effective help. As at this stage the filtering device under different circumstances play a very important role, has been effectively purify the air, to the people more healthy and comfortable living and working environment.

ventilation filter notes on the use of common sense

give priority to, this kind of filter backwashing time is shorter, the water consumption is very little, have different precision scope to users' freedom to choose from. All when the choose and buy must be based on their actual needs, and the work environment to choose from.

2, each type of air filter products is equipped with its own operating instructions, technical operation personnel must read the instructions before installation and use, to ensure they grasped the related performance advantages, operation steps, etc. , to install and use.

the third, because the ventilation filter filter shell used high-tech processing production technology, to avoid a lot of questions exist, have excellent anti-corrosion performance, but if you're running environment is a special case, still need to do some anticorrosive moistureproof measure.

4, connection with thread, flange, also can choose as far as possible not to set the drainage pipe is too long, we usually recommend scope not more than 10 meters.

5, the installation and transportation process, to ensure the correct direction, especially the need to ensure that the direction of the flow and ventilation filter arrow direction of ontology in a unified state.

6, usually the air filtration product unit installed in water equipment and water pumps, as far as possible make it closer to the water device, which can make the filtering effect is better.

7, at the time of installing ventilation filter, transmission parts, sensors and control box must be part of the corresponding protection measures are taken, let them performance is stable and reliable protection.

8, prior to installation, need for later maintenance, maintenance and cleaning and maintenance, to ensure that the gap left by space and can meet the normal operation of the program.

today, ventilation filters have played a big role in all walks of life, help you effectively filter the impurities, provides a more reliable working environment. Hope that through the above simple introduction, users can help you more, in-depth grasp on this kind of filter use common sense.

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