ULPA filter, the ULPA filter is what, what is the distinguishing feature of this filter?

by:Booguan     2020-11-14
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in our daily life, air filter is indispensable, because now the air quality is not very good, not only there are a lot of dust in the air, and vehicle emissions of harmful particles, along with a variety of harmful gases, are destroyed one by one with our health. At this time of the air filter is very important, especially the filter, filter it be very efficient filtration efficiency, our life can be a variety of dust particle filter out one by one. Work in our experiment, a lot of work to dust environment, such as electronic industry and pharmaceutical industry and other industries to the requirements of the air filter is high. Among them, the ULPA filter is a very efficient filter. Then we will introduce various characteristics about ULPA filter, hope the following can also help to you.

but when it comes to the characteristics of the filter, we must first understand the ULPA filter is a kind of air filter, it's the full word of super high efficiency air filter products, air filter or the ultra low penetration rate, is a very high air filtration product efficiency of air filters, to 0. 1 to 0. 2 microns particles, smoke and dust microorganism particle filtration efficiency reached 99. More than 999%. It seems that the filter is very great, to great extent, guarantee the cleanliness of the air.

and the air filter products with high efficiency filter, the ultra high efficiency filter USES is ULPA, and ULPA is on the basis of the HEPA to further strengthen the HEPA filter effects, is also said that this kind of filter is more than the HEPA filter effect strengthened. According to the experimental investigation, ULPA filter to 0. Above 3 micron filtration efficiency of particles to reach 99. More than 9999%. The filter filtration material structure more compact than others, higher filtration efficiency.

the filter cartridge with ultra-fine glass fiber filter material by the folding of sealant, frame can choose sandwich board, galvanized, stainless steel plate and aluminium alloy plate, copper by polyurethane adhesive bonding closely, and has the advantage of light quality, large amount of ventilation, dust collection rate is as high as 99. 95 - 99. 999%, and alkali resistance, resistance to high temperature. Everyone knows that a filter dust collection rate is very important, can control the dust and other harmful substances in the filter.

the above is that we introduce about ULPA filter, and on the characteristics of the filter. Normally we would use a level 10000 - Class 100 clean system and air conditioning system. This product has been applied in electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor, optical devices, biological and medical line, camera and optical instruments, precision machinery and other fields. If needed, we suggest here good purification ULPA filter is designed, it can according to customer's different requirements for customers to choose a suitable filter.

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