u.s. investigates honda minivans for air bag trouble

by:Booguan     2020-09-06
Safety regulators have added about 320,000 old models of Honda Odyssey minivans to their survey of faulty airbags for at least three automakers and more than 2 million vehicles.
Honda Motor\'s front airbag(HMC)
Minivans of models 2003 and 2004 years can be inflated without a collision and may harm drivers and passengers.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in a document published on its website on Monday that the vans have the same airbag control computers that have led to Toyota Motor Corp. (TM)
Chrysler Group Limited recalled more than one vehicle.
8 million vehicles worldwide.
Chrysler will recall 630,000 SUVs worldwide. The airbag control computer is manufactured by TRW Automotive, a supplier of auto parts. (TRW).
So far, the agency has received six complaints about the inflation of the Odyssey airbag without crashing.
In three cases, injuries were reported.
NHTSA also received 41 complaints about airbag warning light lighting.
The agency will determine whether the problem is widespread enough to recall minivans.
In a complaint about the Odyssey, a driver in Hattiesburg was Miss.
He told NHTSA that on 2012, when a 2003 Odyssey was parked on the side of the road and an iPad was on the driver\'s steering wheel, the airbag suddenly fell off.
The airbag threw the iPad on the female driver\'s face.
She finally went to the hospital emergency room and had to ask a plastic surgeon to sew the wound on her upper lip.
Some teeth were cut off and dental treatment was required, the complaint said.
According to the complaint, the owner paid $2,331 to repair the airbag.
In the Chrysler case in last January, the company recalled more than 919,000 old Jeep Grand Cherokee and free SUVs and dodge VIP snake muscle cars around the world to repair airbags.
From 2004 to 2002, the problem affected 2002 per cent, from 2003 per cent.
From 2003 and 2004, poisonous snakes are also included.
Toyota\'s global recall in January affected 907,000 vehicles, mainly 2003 and 2004 Corolla and Matrix compact cars.
The recall also affected GM\'s atmosphere for Pontiac. (GM)by Toyota.
Toyota said at the time that when the electronic signal of the car damaged the chip in the parts of the control equipment, the airbag may be inflated improperly.
In the case of Toyota and Chrysler, dealers have to install electronic filters to solve this problem.
Honda said in December.
On the 21st, 2012, the letter to NHTSA said that the incidence of Honda\'s related problems was extremely low.
The letter said that the resistance of the airbag control device on the Honda car is lower than that of the Chrysler car, and the ability to absorb electronic noise is higher.
Honda said in the letter, will continue to deal with the case of the former airbag incidentby-case basis.
The automaker said in a statement that it has been monitoring the situation and will work with NHTSA.
The company said the survey was too early to draw a conclusion on the entire group of seniors odyssey.
The company said that in the Chrysler recall, dashboard warning lights usually light up before the airbag is inflated.
TRW Motor delayed its comments on Honda in the Odyssey case.
Honda Motor Co. \'s U. S.
Shares rose 17 cents to $37.
Trading on the afternoon of the 31st.
Shares of TRW cars fell 18 cents to $64. 07.
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