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by:Booguan     2020-11-18
Filter products

mesh application in various kinds of filter equipment, whether large or small equipment, are indispensable. The mesh type on the market has a lot of, the effect of different material application is different also. But the key is you don't know what is the basic characteristic of the mesh. Aiming at this problem, we specialized in the production of technical personnel how to answer.

mesh variety, each user's demand is different also, but the factory can according to user requirements to produce all sorts of different character, structure and the mesh of filtration precision, porosity and so on, making it easy for users to better use. As for the characteristics of the product, actually only come from appearance can be observed. Generally used in filtration equipment, filter, must have good stability, gas filter and liquid filtration, if the resistance is too big, mesh stability is not strong, will appear the phenomenon of deformation. So the reality we see screen, most of them are have good resistance to impact, alternating load capacity, and choice of materials, of course, also have relations, especially the mesh of metal materials in these areas is particularly outstanding.

pore uniformity and stability, the permeability of filter is good, small pressure loss, high filtration precision, but also good separation effect, it was because it's so that more embodies the mesh. Can be found from the installation, the installation of this product is simple, if late appeared quality problem, also easy to replace filter. However, according to the experienced users reflect if ready to maintain at ordinary times, actually its service life is long, also reduces the use cost.

mesh regeneration is very strong, can wash, air filtration product equipment use after a period of time, on the screen there will be some dust and stains, time grew to clean also trouble. At this time only need to take out the filter from the equipment, then wash clean, it is ok to install back. Learned, mesh can be rinsed repeatedly, the performance of its recovery rate is as high as ninety percent above, so it is a long service life, and the material the product with high recovery rate. Combined with mesh the cold resistance of thermal performance is good, so in most of the environment to be able to use. At present, the filter material has a lot of, the user only needs to combine their own actual situation, and then select the suitable for their own use of equipment.

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