Transportation and storage of large air filter must bear in mind that this time

by:Booguan     2020-11-07
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enterprise after bought a large air filter, is the place that need transport to use, to be able to use, if it is carried out by xi 'an large air filter to transport, can adopt the method of relative professional, but if is the enterprise for transportation and storage, or in use for a period of time after the equipment need to move, then xi 'an large air filter manufacturers recommend must be attention to these things.

1, in the process of to transport large air filters, need to be the corresponding external packaging, and to set aside enough space. Because of the large volume of air filter itself is larger, if space is insufficient, may appear the phenomenon of knock against, but don't do a good packaging can also lead to appearance is damaged, or some violent shaking, leading to large air filter internal problems.

2, in the process of transportation of large air filter, can't put in more than a certain height stacked items above, not on unstable place, not in large air filter to pile up above. Xi 'an large air filter manufacturer to remind everybody, if put in a higher place or unstable place, in the process of transportation may be roughly dumping large air filter, in turn, is damaged, if still put things above, on the one hand is easy to crush large air filter, there is another dimension is above items dumping, injury may also result in large air filter.

3, completes the corresponding fixed during the transit. Appears unavoidably the phenomenon of turbulence in transit, if you don't have to do a good job of fixed, turbulence will become a big reason of large air filter products is damaged, and the damage is not only external damage, probably a lot of large air filter inside the precision parts may be damaged.

4, xi 'an large air filter manufacturer to remind everybody at the time of storing large air filter, to be stored in a clean environment, storage in vertical way, avoid askew put way lead to deformation of large air filter. Also need to pay attention to during storage, less than forty degrees Celsius temperature is greater than zero degrees centigrade, humidity less than sixty percent.

xi 'an large air filter manufacturers recommend when transporting and storing large air filter, can see the above several aspects matters needing attention, to avoid incorrect way lead to the large air filter is damaged.

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