transparent air filter for high-efficiency pm 2.5 capture

by:Booguan     2020-08-30
Particulate matter (PM)
Pollution has aroused serious public concern.
Although outdoor personal protection can be achieved through masks, indoor air is usually dependent on expensive energy sourcesintensive air-
Filter equipment.
Here, we introduce a transparent air filter through the window, using natural passive ventilation to effectively protect the indoor air quality.
By controlling surface chemistry to achieve strong PM adhesion, as well as the micro-structure of the air filter to increase the possibility of capture, we achieve a high-efficiency air filter with transparency,> 95 high airflow and 90% transparency.
Pm2 was removed by 00%.
Under extremely dangerous air
Quality Conditions (PM2.
5 Mass concentration> 250g 3 M-3).
Field tests conducted in Beijing show that the pan clear air filter products has the best pm2. 5.
5 Removal efficiency 98.
69%, during the haze, the high transmission ratio is about 77%.
The solution system of the polymer used in this work is 6 wt % PAN (MW=1.
Month x 10g mol, σAldrich)
In px (EMD Millipore)
, 7 wt % polyethylene-based (MW=1.
Month × 10 u2009 g u2009 mol, Acros)in ethanol (
Fisher Science)
, 10wt % Poly (MW=9.
Month x 10g mol, σAldrich)
Polystyrene in distilled water and 6wt % (MW=2.
Month x 10g mol, σAldrich)
Participated in the PX with 0.
Month myristyltrimethylammonium wt % BromoAcros).
Polymer solution to 1-
Ml Syringe with 22-
Instrument tip connected to the voltage supply (ES30P-
5 W, Gamma high pressure study).
Extract the solution from the needle using a syringe pump (KD Scientific).
Fiberglass Mesh (New York Wire)was sputter-coated (
AJA International)
There are ~ on both sides ~ Copper at nm, and a ground-to-ground collection of electro-spinning nano-fibers.
The diameter of the wire is 0.
011, the number of entries is 18 × 16.
The electrostatic spinning nanoparticles form air filters across the mesh holes, similar to previous reports.
Application potential, pump speed, electrostatic spinning duration and needle-
In order to control the diameter of the nano-fiber and the density of accumulation, the collector distance was carefully adjusted.
Xenon lamps for transmission ratio measurement (69911, Newport)
As a light source (74125, Newport)
To control the wavelength.
An aperture is the integral ball before the ~ 5mm × 5mm used to decorate the spot size (Newport)
For transmission ratio measurement.
Photoelectric detectors (70356, Newport)
Is inserted into a port of the integrating sphere.
The diode is connected to lock-
In the radiation measurement system (
70100 Merlin, Newport)
For light current measurement.
The sample is placed in front of the integral ball;
Therefore, the Mirror transmission ratio and the diffuse transmission ratio are included.
For Air Filters coated on copper wire mesh, clean copper wire mesh with the same geometry is used as a reference. For self-
The vertical filter and ambient air are used for reference.
The transmission spectrum is then weighted with am1.
The solar spectrum of 5 obtained an average transmission ratio from 400 to 800 nm.
For all performance tests, model PM particles are generated from incense smoke by combustion, unless otherwise stated.
The size distribution of smoke PM particles is very wide, from 10 μm, most of which are 300.
Detection of PM particle number concentration with or without filter by particle counter (CEM)
The removal efficiency was calculated by comparing the number concentration before and after filtration.
In the rigid PM capture test, dust PM particles are manufactured by grinding soil particles to sub-micron sizes using ball mills.
Measuring pressure drop with differential pressure meter (
UEi test instrument EM201B).
Unless mentioned, the wind speed used in the efficiency test is 0.
Humidity is 30% and humidity is 21.
The SEM images and EDX were taken by the FEI XL30 Sirion SEM, the imaging acceleration voltage was 5 kv, and the EDX acquisition acceleration voltage was 15 kv.
Collect TEM images and EELS data with a fee Titan TEM with an acceleration voltage of 300kv.
The XPS spectra were collected using PHI probe with Al k α source to scan the XPS probe.
The infrared spectrum was measured using the Bruker Vertex 70 infrared spectrometer.
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