To choose appropriate filter bag need to pay attention to what factors

by:Booguan     2020-11-02
Filter bag

how to buy the right filter bag? After all, if you can buy the appropriate filter bag, filter work can be very smooth, filter plan can proceed smoothly. How to choose the right filter bag? The choose and buy when the filter bag need to pay attention to what problem? Really want to solve these problems, purchase to the appropriate filter bag, attention to the following questions, can easily solve the problem.

clear filter requirements and accuracy

clear own filtering requirements, is very important to choose the filter bag, why say that? Because the filter bag models in the market at present is more, without considering their own needs, are likely to buy the filter bag cannot meet their own needs. Need to consider is the filtering precision, if you need to filter the degree of particles is large, then buy some low precision filter bag can satisfy the work, if the filter material particles is very small, you need to buy high precision filter bag can meet your needs.

focus on working strength and service life

when buying a filter bag also must work and attention to the strength and the service life of filter bag, this is because if there is no attention to the service life, may be your own work intensity is too large, filter bag can't afford, leading to filter bag attrition is too large, increased the cost of production. Really want to solve this problem is very simple, you need to focus on their work intensity, buy can withstand the intensity of this kind of filter filter bag, avoid the filter bag consumption is too large, affect the use effect.

do filter bag cost prices

when buying filter bag also need to pay attention to what? Is considering the cost of production and the price of the filter bag. Usually filter bag price will affect the cost of production to some extent, if filter bag price is too high, can lead to the cost of production increases, and in order to ensure profits, product prices are rising, after will also affect other aspects of the problem. So recommend here, according to their own production cost, the purchase price suitable filter bag, let production can run smoothly, the cost will not ascend.

when purchasing a filter bag, considering the three aspects above, can buy the appropriate filter bag, and then let the production work smoothly.

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