Three kinds of installation of dust removal filter cartridge

by:Booguan     2020-10-28
Purification equipment

filter cartridge, cartridge others put it into, it is a composed of a certain length of filter material folding star filter cartridge, cartridge is no cage bone, its installation is quite simple. Always contact with filter industry friends will know the kinds of filter cartridge is very much, some filter cartridge is thin and long, some filter cartridge is thick and short. If it is slender shape filter cartridge, its clearance space usually is larger, the Angle will be quite large, the area of the filter will be larger than with the diameter of the long, and it is two or three times. If be stubby type filter cylinder, the diameter of it tend to be more big, the length will be shorter, this type of filter cartridge is suitable for the location of the site area is small, little space. Dust removal filter cartridge, except for the variety of and for what? Say you know its installation way? Let's learn its installation way! ! ! !

filtering friends often told us, dust removal filter cartridge installation way, generally there are three kinds of installation method, these three methods are respectively installed vertical installation method, tilted method and its level. If the installation of the filter cartridge adopts method is vertical installation, when the pulse dust in it, these tend to be more likely to cause dust qing settlement to the hopper, the effect is quite good. Cartridge if the filter cartridge adopts tilt installed, usually installed in fold up and down, its structure is very compact, area is relatively small, especially convenient in barrel, but ash removal, the upper cartridge clear the dust fall easily sinks down in the lower cartridge, particularly difficult to remove. If filter cartridge adopts horizontal installation, lower level of the top of the filter cartridge dust is quite difficult to remove, tilt installed especially suitable for small and medium cartridge filter dust removal system of inviscid and low concentration, is particularly applicable to some of the transformation of the old bag filter.

this is the introduction to share with my friends in the three kinds of installation of dust removal filter cartridge, through the above, we know its installation method basically has 3 kinds, these three methods is vertical installation method, horizontal installation method, tilt installation method. Three kinds of installation method respectively have their own advantages, the friends in the process of using this cartridge, can choose according to the actual situation for their installation. The cartridge is greatly raised effective filter area, element is quite small, install quite easy.

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