There are many different kinds of filter element and filter should learn to discern between true and false

by:Booguan     2020-11-14
Filter products

element is composed of stainless steel, copper, titanium, activated carbon, polymer materials, such as purification equipment. It can filter the ecological resources and resource recycling, suitable for machinery, disks, metallurgy, oil, refrigeration equipment, and other fields.

filter can filter the dirt in air impurity, make the material separation, make the voice more and more small, and other functions, it can remove liquid and granular impurities in the air, it can also make the equipment normal operation, make the air clean.

element has a variety of types, divided into air filter products, PP filter, line winding filter, folding decay hole filter, activated carbon filter, double filter, ceramic filter, resin filter, titanium rod filter, Ro reverse osmosis filter, stainless steel filter, corrugated filter and so on.

today, the main material for domestic paper and imported filter filter paper, domestic and imported paper has very good filtering performance and to recommend some methods to identify air filter of true and false.

false filter is using inferior filter paper, and it also can prevent dust particles into the engine, which affects the engine normal use. In life, a real filter filter paper color is the same, the comparison of the surface of the paper design smooth level off; On the contrary, inferior filter filter paper color is different, paper quality is not good, quality also is very poor.

element is consists of two parts, filter paper and rubber adhesive, true and false filter they use glue is distinct, the real filter its elasticity is very good, and good quality rubber material, and false filter rubber is soft, simple sense is not good.

fold air filter products is easy to identify filter method of true and false, loosen, the real filter can be back, and counterfeit filter because of rubber texture, with filter paper bonding degree is not high, folded in the middle of the traces. According to different raw materials used in their filter use time will be different. With the increase of its use of time, the filter will be blocked by the impurity particles in the water.

when selecting a water purifier, some manufacturers will praise their goods, said his water purifier filter without replacement, this statement is not correct, not only can make consumers get lost, but will also deal damage to it, so do not need to change the filter water purifier is not there. Long-term not replace filter can make the filter effect is worse and worse, be sure to periodically to filter for replacement.

when element changes, must be in accordance with the regulations of the label to replace, according to the above steps to complete, in order to better use filter, play the advantages of it.

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