The working principle of bag filter and its working overview

by:Booguan     2020-11-03

bag filter is a simple and convenient liquid filtration equipment. Has many advantages for bag filter is done not have other filters. This is why, that we take a look at his work.

bag filter, liquid filtration equipment, can effectively remove the different sizes of particles in the liquid, so as to achieve the goal of liquid filtration. Bag filter is made up of three parts: the filter vessel, bearing a basket with netting on top and filter bags. Bag filter is according to the size with filter bag is divided into 1, 2, 3, 4 bag filter.

is a kind of pressure type filter, bag filter are mainly filter cylinder, cylinder lid, and quick opening mechanism, stainless steel filter bag to strengthen network main parts, such as the filtrate by filter shell side inlet tube into the filter bag, filter bag itself is a device in strengthening a basket with netting on top, liquid penetrant fineness required for grades of filter bag that can obtain qualified filtrate impurity particles blocked by the filter bag. The filter replacement filter bag is very convenient, basic no filtering material consumption.

bag filter with reasonable structure, good sealing, flow ability strong, easy to operate, and many other advantages. Especially the filter bag sliding sideways probability is small, can correctly to ensure filtering precision, and can quickly change the filter bag, make operating costs down. Filter inside and outside surface adopt mechanical sandblasting polishing solution, on average, easy to clean. We know that the bag filter filtering method is taken by the method of side in side out, side in bottom out, also can take through the pressure in the pipeline to filter the liquid medium pressure into or smoke into the barrel, the bag filter to filter the liquid medium filter blue supporting by electrolytic polishing punching support of filter bag filter, change of solid liquid to liquid medium to be filtered results.

the structure design of bag filter is made up of four sets of pendulum type eyebolt will head and cartridge seal tightly, make the filter more can bear high pressure and water hammer shock. Bag filter consists of filter cartridge, filter on top, the filter bag of three parts, compact structure, simple; To filter the import into the liquid passes through the filter, flow into the filter bag, after the interception of filter bag, the filter out. The import and export of bag filter design generally USES side in bottom out of the way, convenient to clean.

use of bag filter of the scope of the automobile industry, mainly of coating, coating. With the electronics industry, mainly process water pretreatment. Food and beverage industry, the main is clear filtration juice, mineral water, milk and so on.

bag filter in the filter bag is not affected by the influence of turbulence, a novel and reasonable structure, sealed performance is good, the flow capacity is strong, simple operation, etc. Application scope is widespread, resilient, filter bag sliding sideways probability is small, can guarantee the air filtration product precision, can quickly change the filter bag, filter is basically no material consumption, reduce operating costs.

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