The use of water filters need to notice what?

by:Booguan     2020-11-17
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how to better use of water filter? In the process of using water filter is the need to pay attention to what problem? Actually in the process of using the water filter, you must be noticed is clean and adjust the two aspects, why say that? In fact it is very important to both work, directly determines the filtering effect and service life of the water filter, wo yi small make up to simple analysis for everyone.

water filter cleaning

why do clean water filter? This should according to the analysis of two aspects: one aspect from the point of air filtration product efficiency, if the water filters in the filter medium in the saturated state, if not timely cleaning, can lead to water filter filtering effect gradually decline, filter the work resistance increases, even can easily lead to water filter case of damage, so before the filter water saturated condition, must be in a timely manner to clean the water filter.

another aspect is in the process of water filter use, will gradually appear in each key parts the accumulation of dirt, stains, water filter operation will be more and more is not smooth, not clean for a long time, will cause the abrasion of water filter is more and more serious, and even affect the service life of water filter. In use after a period of time, so need for water filters are the key parts for stain cleaning cleaning and maintenance, let the water filter cleaning easier.

water filter adjustment

the adjustment of water filter is critical, because people in water filters using plan, is basically according to the prophase work requirements, and the situation of the water filter to make, but it's possible plans and the actual situation is not consistent. Want to solve this problem, suggest that we must understand more the actual working status of water filter, such as filtering results and the numerical water filter, if it is found that there is a problem, just need to find the cause of problems in time, and in a timely manner to adjust the work plan of water filter.

want to better use of water filter, you must note that the water filter clean and adjust the two aspects. Reasonable clean, can improve the stability of the filtering results to some extent, avoid falling filtering effect, at the same time can solve the abrasion of water filter, and timely adjustment can also enhance filter results to some extent, even can improve the service life of water filter.

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