The use of the cartridge filter, and other relevant information

by:Booguan     2020-11-06
Filtration equipment

EFU fan equipment is a very common filter unit, its working principle is inhaled air from the top, then after a HEPA filter, and then will complete the air filter products from the wind sent out, and then clean environment, to do a good job of dust filter, and provides clean air, meet different personnel or production units of the demand for different clean environment, so EFU fan device has the characteristics of what?

1, the structure of EFU fan device itself is very delicate, easy to install, so we can make use of people in the purchase is completed, can be more easy to install, late in the process of using, maintenance and cleaning, will be very convenient and save time, it also can better maintain EFU fan equipment efficiency and service life.

2, EFU fan equipment power consumption is low, use of the device filters work, running cost is lower, which is in the same time, work of EFU fan equipment cost will be lower, if use in the life, so the cost of living will be very low, so don't have to because the high cost of cause need to reduce the purification efficiency or quality, causes the work result is bad or the lower quality of life.

3, some powerful purification equipment, in the case of a very good work efficiency, the noise will be very big, may affect the operating personnel at the scene of the work, even affect operating personnel's health, affect the hearing, and so on. If it is in high noise purification equipment used in the family, is likely to affect the comfort of the family. But EFU fan equipment in the process of running, the noise is very low.

4, EFU fan equipment use range is very wide. For filtering equipment, if the application scope is less, may directly affect the equipment utilization to a great extent and cost performance, and even lead to enterprise in the process of work to purchase different purification equipment, to meet the needs of the purification of their work, it is very unfavorable for the enterprise, and EFU fan equipment application range is very wide, can adapt to the clean room from level 10000 to level 1.

EFU fan equipment has the advantage of very much, but in the process of daily use, and require constant maintenance and cleaning, so that you can to a certain extent, prolong the service life of EFU fan equipment and efficiency, let EFU fan equipment can provide efficient filter for a long time.

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