The use of high efficiency filter, from which place pay more attention to details?

by:Booguan     2020-10-24
Filter equipment

in recent years the development of the domestic industry, make high efficiency filter for the use of numerous manufacturers, such as filtering device for many areas have higher requirements of cleanliness production technology, has the extremely vital significance. So during the process of using, need to consider the basic elements of what?

the use of high efficiency filter information points

priority, in different filter equipment prior to installation, should open the outside packaging film, etc. , in addition, in the transport process of the corresponding protective measures must be taken to avoid violent collision problem.

2, high efficiency filter must be installed to maintain a correct direction, and pay attention to the related links in the process of installation, remember that cannot appear leakage, breakage, leakage, glue, etc. Installed on zhihu I need to keep the lining clean of the state, the sundry effective processing, oil, etc.

the third, and run a long time without use, the filter must be clean, after filter pull down, and wash after drying, use of sealed plastic bags storage, cannot be polluted. After the filter equipment also need to clean, take appropriate storage operation.

4, usually for filter clean, can choose to soak in the midst of cleaning liquid, soak time as far as possible don't more than 24 hours, the temperature on the whole in a 25 50 degrees or so, it is important to ensure that filter cleaning effect, to make the overall air filtration product equipment filtering effect better.

5, pay attention to the rated voltage and frequency of operation, to know the current voltage if installation running environment and equipment of the rated voltage, there may be overloaded running state, this time not only makes the equipment performance, use fixed number of year are more likely to let the equipment directly.

6, every once in a while, you need to take the corresponding cleaning and maintenance of equipment, and it's important to note is that the device is removed, reinstall back problems to be pay attention to the direction, can't install direction there is an error.

7, for the installation position of the filter, must want to ensure a reasonable state, so as to better play to the effectiveness of filtering equipment, special environment, in the field of high temperature air filtration product equipment must be selected to meet the requirements.

the different types of filtering equipment has some differences in the use of standard, according to the operation of the high efficiency filter usage and related operating environment, we must be on a regular basis for effective cleaning, in addition to that, as far as possible according to the requirements of the effective replacement, so as to ensure the overall air filtration product efficiency satisfied the demand of users.

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