The use of bag filter to set norms in xian

by:Booguan     2020-11-03
Filter equipment

everybody when buying filter, will consider whether the filter is suitable for yourself, but when confirmed to buy Siemens primary, secondary, tertiary filter the type of filter, we consider that Siemens filter is really suitable for their work, their how to make the cartridge filter become more in line with their own work. Wo yi small make up to Siemens triple filter as an example, suggest that we could start from the following two aspects need to filter work in accordance with the Siemens triple filter more.

will examine details of the work of filtering in place

if you determine to buy filtering equipment is Siemens triple filter, that must be the first own filtering work must examine, know the Siemens triple filter has been basically can meet the demand of their filtering work, but there are many details are not matching in place, after all, Siemens triple filter is not custom, if directly with the current work hard to match demand, or there will be some deviation.

wo yi small make up recommend to filter their own work detail requirements are clear, such as what is current air filtration product efficiency, and Siemens triple filter can provide air filtration product efficiency if there is a certain error, cleanliness whether can meet your demand, if Siemens triple filter of cleanliness is low, whether can be adjusted, etc. To clear out those details, to fine-tune the process of follow-up, know the direction of adjustment.

do a good job filtering plan fine-tuning

if the current filter working in Siemens triple filter characteristics has certain deviation, we need to fine-tune filtering program. Such as Siemens triple filter air filtration product efficiency faster, you will need to adjust the delivery need to be filtered material conveying speed, or the strength of the filter work is bigger, is beyond the Siemens triple filter load, at this point you need to do a good job of pre filtering, to a certain extent, reduce the working strength of Siemens triple filter, Siemens has triple filter can work stable filtering, filtering and cleanliness has safeguard.

if you buy the Siemens triple filter and the filtering of the before work is there is a certain deviation, you will need to do a good job of filtering fine-tuning, make filter working in Siemens triple filter more relevant, can also play the advantages of the Siemens triple filter, so that make to work, efficiency and cleanliness of guaranteed, at the same time also won't work because the filter caused by inappropriate Siemens level 3 core damage.

learned how to make Siemens triple filter and filter, the Siemens primary filter, Siemens secondary filter can also refer to the above methods, to match the corresponding filter work.

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