The types of inventory filter what are what are the characteristics respectively

by:Booguan     2020-11-12
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electrostatic filter and filter medium are very common in our daily life, and has been using range is very, also solved the people a lot of difficult problems. But there are some users don't know what is the difference between static filters and filter media, so often at a loss when purchasing. About these problems, we have professional staff analysis for everyone.

priority, efficiency. The efficiency is very important, the user use electrostatic filter is to improve the efficiency of work. Medium filter efficiency is lower, generally can filter to 85% 95% of the impurities, but electrostatic filter air filtration product efficiency is very high, according to the usual record and measure, to reach 98%. So if you are using the device, can completely replace all coarse efficient filter and the filter. Electrostatic filter and a big advantage, its efficiency is very stable, the system will be under the protection of high efficiency, not affected by the outside world.

second, resistance. Medium filter resistance is bigger, so this kind of equipment is called a one-off, using time, the next time the filtering effect, will not be and resistance will increase each time, until jams. But electrostatic filter is different, small resistance, and can maintain a stable working range, and even can be rinsed repeatedly continue to use, which greatly saves the cost for the user.

third, surface wind speed. Filter medium wind speed is small, and the equipment advantage is, under the same section size, its actual air volume will be very big. That not all of the equipment to be able to achieve, there are some filter is the problem because of the wind speed affect the use effect.

4, the service life. Medium filter is generally two months will be clean, life is about a year and use cannot work normally again, can be to change the new one. And the electrostatic filter is repeated use can be available for a long time, save operating cost.

electrostatic filter and filter medium contrast, or there is a big gap, through the comparison and analysis above, we can clearly see that the advantage of the electrostatic filter than medium filter, and long service life and can save costs for the user. Most of the companies are willing to choose such a device, that can achieve benefits.

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