The types of inventory filter what are what are the characteristics respectively

by:Booguan     2020-11-12
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filter, after you hear the name must not feel strange, often see this kind of equipment is not only in life, even in the industry, now is a indispensable equipment. Now is becoming more and more many different kinds of filters, each kind of different types have their own characteristics, professional staff to summarize about this kind of equipment for everybody today what kind, what are the characteristics respectively?

the types of filters can be divided according to many different directions, if in accordance with the method of filter driver is different, is probably can be divided into three different types, priority is gravity filter, the second is vacuum filter, and the third is pressurized filter.

priority, gravity filter. This kind of filter used is very common, mainly by means of suspension as well as the potential difference, the gravity of the liquid in the pressure of the filter medium is formed on as the filter driver, thus reach the filtering effect. This approach are generally intermittent operation, can't continuous operation, such as sand, all in all, for some companies request is not high, the gravity filter can still use.

the second, vacuum filter. Mainly in the export of liquid is a kind of negative pressure, so that to achieve the filter driver, the current industrial use this type of equipment is very much, the industrial equipment pressure is ( 2. 5 - 8. 0) * 105 mpa. And vacuum filter is divided into two kinds, one kind is intermittent operation, another is continuous operation, the intermittent operating mainly filters of various concentration of suspension.

the third, pressurized filter. Where suspension to import this kind of device driver to drive pressure, or give to wet material mechanical crushing force, so as to achieve the effect of filtering, this kind of equipment for filtering pressure differential is more suitable for large slurry, at present is also can be divided into two kinds of batch and continuous operation.

there are a lot of the kinds of filters, in addition to the above mentioned three types, it is said that now and it is the precision filter, this equipment is mainly for the air filtration product precision, are generally between sand air filtration product and ultrafiltration, and also is the scope of this kind of equipment use, including the food industry to harm, electronic industry, chemical industry and environmental protection and so on all need, used to achieve the ideal effect.

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