The type of parsing the central fresh air system filter

by:Booguan     2020-11-02
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for central fresh air system should be more or less everyone has heard of, it can not only ventilated take a breath, a key role is to filter the pollutants in the air, therefore, filter is the central fresh air system is a key ring. What is the central fresh air system filter type? Let below small make up together to get to know.

1, non-woven filter, alias for polyester fiber, also known as non-woven fabrics. Non-woven fabric have universality, technology maturity, stable performance and other technical advantages, was, in effect at the beginning of the current domestic plate, common filter bag filter material. Production technology for melt-blown, acupuncture, such as water, spun-bonded technology through multi-channel processes, with other levels filtering material compared with quality is stable, strong let dust is bigger, moisture resistant, long service life, economic and durable and other advantages. Non-woven fabric by using early filtering material, given the technology rising in recent years, the emergence of the compound non-woven fabric greatly improved the low cost, low grade of non-woven fabric image, on the work efficiency has been able to achieve the efficient effect.

2, glass fiber filter, glass fiber filter is the key by various thickness, different length of the glass fiber is made through special production process. Glass fiber with high temperature resistance, high efficiency, large capacity, long service life, etc. The use of relatively stable performance advantages, but also under some special circumstances only can play wave line. Its widespread use in general ventilation system in the early effect of filter, high temperature resistant filter and hepa filter.

3, synthetic fiber filter, filter environment in general can gradually replace non-woven fabric and glass fiber, covering the coarse, medium and high-efficient filter series products, all is the new filter material, was a key development direction of filter material in the future. And other equivalent filter material compared with small resistance, light weight, large capacity, environmental protection, To burn) , moderate price and other advantages.

4, activated carbon filter, activated carbon efficient adsorption performance, can be used for air air filtration product, removal of volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, chlorobenzene and pollutants in the air. Activated carbon filter selects the hole structure of aluminium honeycomb, plastic honeycomb, paper honeycomb as the carrier. Compared with traditional activated carbon filter, has better aerodynamic performance, small volume density, high surface area, high adsorption efficiency, small wind resistance coefficient. Honeycomb activated carbon filter is made in polyurethane foam to upload the attached powdered activated carbon, the carbon content of 35% 50%, has the air resistance is small, the effect of low energy consumption, can under the corresponding airflow deodorant, in addition to the peculiar smell, air purification, has the very good purification effect. On using usually must cooperate with independent, medium efficiency filter in use.

5, nano silver screen, the screen is the diameter of 100 nm silver ion antibacterial agent to join in the masterbatch, then drawing compiled into a filter, the filter every net SiDou has the use of antibacterial properties. Bacteriostatic used performance is high, can reach more than ninety-nine percent. The filter is easy to clean, antibacterial performance will not reduce after wash.

6, photocatalytic filter: nanometer tio2 light catalyst as raw materials, new technology makes the light catalyst to small particles of symmetry adhesion on different material surface. Smooth accelerant is the sunlight, fluorescent lamp, ultraviolet light is energy, stimulate the price bring electronic ( e- ) Transition to the conduction band, formed in the price with the corresponding holes ( h+) , form with strong oxidation of active oxygen and hydrogen and oxygen free radicals, the formaldehyde, methylamine, benzene, xylene, TVOC and other harmful organisms, pollutants, odor and bacteria oxidation into harmless CO2 and H2O, achieve the purpose of air purification, decomposition of harmful organisms.

through the above introduction, we whether to central fresh air system of filter types have a new understanding? Therefore, when we want to select screen pack, must be combined with their own needs to choose the filter on the corresponding material products, so as to ensure that filter products can satisfy their needs of filtering.

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