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by:Booguan     2020-10-30
Filter cotton

filter cotton is used in many places, so the material is very common. Even so, many people make technology for this kind of material is not very understand. So what is the filter cotton production process? Which has several steps? Professional production personnel to introduce you to some of the whole production process, help more detailed look at.

may be a lot of people find filter cotton production process is not complicated, it is not the case. In the process of its production is mainly including the several steps, including blending, opening, carding and web, hot finalize the design, and the cold wind and trimming curled up six steps.

step one, cotton blend. According to the different requirements of each user, need according to the proportion of different allocation of good fiber cotton fiber, and then to weigh this in blender, let the machine turns to stir, main purpose is to make all kinds of raw material can be uniformly mixing together.

step 2, opening. Put the dough mixture fiber, through the use of Laura spread out evenly, sends the fiber ball into the magnetic roller device, in order to send. Then fiber group after a strong opening, through the use of fan, to secondary drive device, and then sent to mix inside the hopper, Mao Dou vibrations, which are mixed together.

step three, combing. Carding process is the use of cylinder and doffer, comb materials evenly, then sends the cotton layer to screen, then through a shaking screen laid into a net.

step four, web. As long as the shaking screen back and forth, it will be laid in network layer to the oven inside.

step 5, hot air. To finalize the design in the oven, synthetic fiber cotton.

step 6, cooling stereotypes and trimming curled up. After synthetic fiber cotton after cooling to finalize the design, need to be determined after the closing good thickness, e. trimming, then after after rolled into a roll. So the whole filter cotton became even.

filter cotton production process is not easy, and requires six steps, each step is need good process before it can be. Filter cotton using range is very now, excellent quality and reasonable price, many users very recognition and favor, through the above analysis, I hope you know more, buy when also can see the stand or fall of material.

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