The technological principle of the electrostatic filter, the filtration precision and filtration efficiency

by:Booguan     2020-10-27
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electrostatic filter is a relatively high-end all filters filter type, its cost is higher, is often used to some high-grade dust environment, such as the wind exchange equipment in some high-end residential area. Main technical principle of the electrostatic filter is the use of dust particles produced during the irregular movement of electric charge, achieve the goal of adsorption of dust.

electrostatic filter is developed on the basis of industrial electrical precipitator, generally consists of ionization and dust collection, its main effect is dust and sterilization. Dust removal principle is in the high voltage electrostatic field ionization gas molecules are, produce large Numbers of electrons and ions, under the action of electric field force to the poles, in the process of mobile dust particles in the air and bacteria take charge. Charged particles under the action of electric field force, after the dust to dust collection period of negatively charged electrode surface and removed from the air.

compared with traditional filter filter, electrostatic filter air filtration product efficiency higher, because can make tiny particles are able to take charge. While traditional filter filtration efficiency mainly depend on the filter. On the service life of the service life of the electrostatic filter with the traditional filter is almost the same, can be ten years of life.

the other due to the electrostatic filter in the process of filtering role play, almost does not block the flow of air, it with the traditional filter filter is an obvious difference, so the electrostatic filter air through the volume is high, and the air filtration product efficiency could also should have certain advantages. In addition, the electrostatic filter can also withstand higher temperatures.

for some traditional filter filter, they almost have the performance of filter, filter determines the performance of the filter performance, so the performance of the filter material will greatly limit the application range of the filter. Current, released by the electrostatic filter is different, as long as meet the requirements of dust removal, can realize operation of dust. So, from the point of view that electrostatic filter, which has more extensively applicable scope is it can filter of high temperature smoke.

in the process of using electrostatic filter for dust removal, it also needs to filter maintenance, especially when the amount of dust collecting plate dirt, should clean up operations in a timely manner. To prevent the amount of dust and the secondary dust generation.

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