the tainted water crisis in upstate new york that andrew cuomo can’t shake

by:Booguan     2020-09-06
Wayne frattenberg recently dreamed of relegation.
Vradenburgh has worked throughout his career in Newburgh\'s water department, a city of 28,000 people in northern New York City, most of them Hispanic or black.
At the age of 18, he began working as an assistant water repair mechanic to repair fire hydrants.
Twenty years later, in 2016, he held the highest position of the superintendent.
He has made plans to fix the leaking pipes, mainly to make things go smoothly in poor areas --
A shabby brown stone on the Hudson River.
Just two weeks after he took over, state health officials stopped in his driveway.
They have bad news.
Lake Washington 1. 3 billion-
The gallon reservoir, which has been serving the city since the 1880 s, tested positive for a dangerous chemical.
Vradenburgh soon found himself frantically studying the name of the tongue
Tornado chemicals he never heard. to-
Head of state and federal agencies, work 70-
Supervise $50 million of emergency projects an hour a week.
\"Since then, it\'s a whirlwind,\" said Vradenburgh, 40, who combed his hoary hair with his hands, which is brown with his sand,
\"I have more gray now.
\"Pollution began in 1990, when the nearby Stewart Air Force National Guard base was home to 105 air wing of the New York Air Force National Guard, leaking 4,000 gallons of fire --
Inject the foam directly into the stream of Lake Washington.
This foam contains an intangible, fragrance-free, industrial chemical attached to water molecules-the fluorine-acid salt (PFOS ).
PFOS, linked to cancer, thyroid disease, and chronic kidney disease, can accelerate puberty, delay breast development, reduce sperm count, and raise cholesterol.
The Pentagon continues to use bubbles to drain them into swimming pools near the Air Force Base.
Even now, the Department of Defense has only imposed some restrictions on its use when studying alternatives.
Even if they had stopped, the Environmental Protection Agency classified the chemical as \"extremely durable\", meaning it would take many years for natural degradation.
Still, the PFOS are not under federal supervision.
In January 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a consultation on pollution in Alabama, saying that the chemical poses a risk to health at a concentration of only 200 per trillion.
For its sister compound, total fluorine bitterness or PFOA, EPA warned that the concentration should not be higher than 400 copies per trillion.
When Newburgh was exposed, the PFOA pollution crisis had already occurred in New York.
At the end of 2015, Hoosick Falls, a sleepy former mill town, about twoand-a-
Half an hour north of Newburgh, PFOA with high water content was found.
Along with the similarities between Musk falls and lead pollution in Flint, New York. Andrew Cuomo (D)
To avoid national criticism from Michigan leaders, the decision in January 2016 made New York State the first state to regulate PFOA as a hazardous substance.
The country added the PFOS to the list of hazardous chemicals in April 2016, the first step in setting the maximum allowable level limit.
These moves have made Newcastle aware of its chemical crisis.
Of the samples collected from Lake Washington in 2014, PFOS were as high as 243 per trillion.
In the silver stream, they are as high as 286 per trillion.
In the pool at the air base, the figure climbed to 5,900 per trillion.
Pollution levels soared to 1 near the airstrip.
9 million parts per trillion.
Recognizing the urgency of this issue, EPA issued a new health consultation in May 2016 that lowered the health risk threshold to 70 per trillion.
This prompted Newburgh to declare a state of emergency and temporarily ban the watering of the swimming pool and lawn.
The city stopped taking water from Lake Washington and turned to New York City\'s highly regulated water source, the Catskill reservoir.
On August 2016, the Como government designated the Air Force Base as the location of the National Super Fund, giving the state power to ask the Ministry of Defense to clean up the pollution.
The state has almost completed the construction of a new water treatment plant that will filter out PFOS.
But officials in Newburgh say they don\'t just want to remove PFOS from the water-they want to remove toxic chemicals from the source.
State health officials said the Ministry of Defense did not take action, although it received $25 million in defense spending bills remedied by PFOS and PFOA last year.
But elected officials in Newburgh say more should be done in the state as well.
Late last month it announced plans to sue the state, the Defense Ministry, several other federal agencies and two private companies for polluting water sources.
These proceedings are intended to force the Como government to take radical measures to change the way the state manages the basin, to deprive the city of power, towns and villages, and to hand it over to the National Ministry of Health.
This will require the governor to fight for new regulatory power from Republicans.
Officials say the legislature controls pollution in the Army and large businesses.
Como accused the city of filing a lawsuit, saying his government had done everything it could.
But city officials say it is their greatest hope to force someone to take responsibility for polluting their water.
\"States must declare their inherent police power on this issue and the federal government must withdraw from their selective Federalist game,\" said Michael Ciaravino, Newcastle city manager . \".
\"Everything falls on the head of the local government.
The Newburgh water authority has lived in three plains for decades. story, red-
Brick buildings less than half a mile northeast of Lake Washington, on quiet trees --
On both sides of the British highway.
But the construction of the department has been almost uninterrupted recently.
First of all, dig out a 1. 3 million-
From the gallon tank under the grass, replace it with 1. 5 million-gallon above-
Concrete dome on the ground, two morestory red barn.
18 seas in the barn-
The green cylinder, 27 feet high and 12 feet perimeter, is now like a huge engine.
This is a new granular activated carbon filter that can remove PFOS from the water in Newburgh.
Cargon carbon, Pittsburgh
US-based filter manufacturers say this is the largest of the 45 PFOS filtration systems installed nationwide in the past two years.
For decades, the company has been selling activated carbon filters to filter bacteria and chemical contaminants, and only started selling systems that deal with PFOS pollution two years ago.
The company says the systems currently account for 2% of its global sales, or about $15 million.
At present, the tank is loaded with uncontaminated water from the Catskill reservoir and pumped to 3.
There are 1 million gallons of pipes and taps in town every day.
But it\'s just about solving the problem.
At some point in the coming weeks, the city plans to test the water from Lake Washington for the first time, allowing it to flow through the screen of the shed
The size brick entrance building, which protrudes into the middle of the reservoir on a dirty peninsula, is pulled by gravity and sprayed through the pipe into the new filtration system tank.
A pfos test will be performed on the filtered water and the test results will take two weeks.
But the city says it is not enough to clean up chemicals from the water alone.
\"The state of this band has already begun --
Aid method, place a granular activated carbon filter at the end of the pipe to try to deal with any chemicals that will appear in the system, \"Alan Knauf, a lawyer in charge of the Newberg lawsuit, told Huffington Post.
\"The problem is that they\'re just dealing with contaminated water, and there\'s a possibility that some chemicals will break through and eventually there will be a break.
\"Preventing this from happening is the work of fladdenberg.
Last week, he stood next to one of the tanks and showed how he would collect samples by turning one of the four nozzles and pouring a little clear water into the cup.
He turned it around and threw it into the bucket.
Weekly testing is expected to cost the water authority $1,200 a month, almost double the cost of standard bacterial testing.
The state agreed to pay the fee.
\"This is the rest of my career,\" Vradenburgh said . \".
He sighed and stared at the tank.
For him, giving is worth it;
He lives only two miles from the factory, there\'s a 3-year-
A daughter and a daughtermonth-old son.
\"But I will make sure we are good.
\"It\'s too little and too late for some residents.
At a City Council meeting last week, when 29-year-old Beatrix Harris walked to the microphone and thanked the city for its decision to sue the state, applause rang from the crowded entertainment center.
\"Personally, I think this is one of the best decisions the city has ever made,\" she said . \".
Harris moved to Newburgh in 2006.
Three years later, she met julius Harris and fell in love. In a 22-
She prepared a slide PowerPoint for her speech on water pollution at the local library, and she showed two photos in 2009 with the title: \"smile all the time in the past,\" feel safe . \"
They got married in 2013.
The next slide shows her lying on a hospital bed, unconscious, and linked to a intravenous drip.
\"I had my first stroke in 2013,\" she said . \"
\"Things have become worse over the years.
Now I have a permanent neurological problem.
Not to mention that I\'m pre-
I\'m only 29 years old this year.
\"Stroke, seizure, right-
\"One-sided weakness, severe migraine,\" she added . \".
\"My adult life is hard.
\"She believes that
Water from Lake Washington should be blamed.
Harris and her husband launched the Newcastle Environmental Alliance last year to get people to know about the PFOS and advocate a clean-up.
She is skeptical about the new filtration system.
\"No matter what they say, there is no right way to filter it out,\" she said outside the council meeting.
\"This is bullshit for me.
State health officials insist that it is too early to judge whether Newcastle is experiencing an increase in the incidence of cancer or other PFOS
Related Diseases
The State Department began reviewing cancer cases reported in New York last year, including the geographical location of each diagnosis.
Once the review is completed, the agency plans to prepare a report by the end of the year to check the cancer diagnostic rate and type in Newburgh.
However, about ammonium trifluorideand PFOS-
There are still very few related diseases.
The Defense Department\'s budget this year includes funding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the first timeof-its-
Longitudinal study of non-physical objects
The effects of chemicals on cancer health.
This can provide key big
Research background linking chemicals to thyroid disease and developmental problems.
\"There is new evidence that there is some concern about the health impact,\" said Brad Heaton, deputy director of the New York State Department of Health\'s public health office. “[But]
There are considerable gaps in information, including the level of exposure that brings these health effects.
\"In places like Hoosick Falls, the impact of exposure to perf chemicals on health is more obvious.
The village is located about an hour northeast of Albany and is built around two chemical plants that produce Teflon products.
In 2011, near the DuPont plant in parksburg, West Virginia, scientists working on a large number of PFOA pollution began to release findings that linked the chemical to many, including kidney and thyroid cancer.
Residents of Hoosick Falls began to worry about unusually high rates of lung and thyroid disease in 2014, and began to urge village and state officials to test water.
At the end of 2015, after a shocking result of a resident\'s private test, the state finally stepped in and found dangerous high levels of PFOA in groundwater.
The discovery prompted New York to list PFOA as a hazardous substance in January 2016.
However, the state issued a notice informing the public that their water could be consumed safely even if the federal regulator otherwise stipulated, actively questioning the EPA\'s concerns.
At that time, the Cuomo government had been waiting for more than a year, although it was known that the PFOA level at Hoosick Falls exceeded the federal guidelines, according to the political inquiry published in March 2016.
In July 2016, Cuomo signed a legislation to make it easier for cities like Hoosick Falls to sue polluters on water pollution, two large chemical manufacturers in terms of the village.
But the clean-up has stalled.
Hoosick Falls residents quickly became frustrated by the state\'s failure to take any measures to eliminate pollution, so they protested outside the governor\'s office on November 2016.
The state installed a filtration system in Hoosick Falls in February 2017 and established a drinking water quality committee in September to address the drinking water problem across the state.
But under the leadership of Barack Obama, former district environmental protection bureau chief Judith Enck of New York said the committee was in a \"bureaucratic predicament \".
\"It has only held three meetings and is still working to make final suggestions on the level of security for PFOA and PFOS.
Health Ministry official Heaton said the committee was \"at a real close to the end of getting the recommendation level.
In the case of Hoosick fall, the village sued Saint-
Gobain Performance Plastics and Honeywell International are chemical companies operating plants that pollute groundwater in different locations.
The governor backed the lawsuit, and officials announced a $330,251 settlement with the companies last week.
But now that Newberg\'s goal is Como, the governor has come out.
At a press conference held late last month at Marist College in pokipsey, Como criticized the city\'s impending lawsuit.
\"You know, why are they threatening the lawsuit and they have to provide food for the lawyers,\" Cuomo said . \".
Ciaravino, the city manager of Newcastle, sneered at the governor\'s words.
\"We are a city facing the layoffs of 12 firefighters,\" he told Huffington Post . \".
\"We face a lot of financial challenges.
The last thing we want to do is enrich our lawyers.
\"What he wants is for the country to take over the watershed.
This is not an unprecedented move.
New York passed some rules in 1997 to give new powers to New York City and its watershed towns under the leadership of the Ministry of Health to protect the Catskill reservoir and any of its tributaries.
These rules, known as watershed rules and regulations, establish a uniform code that provides for the same standards for zoning, licensing and wastewater treatment throughout the basin.
The rest of the state relies on drinking water regulations passed in early 1900.
As a result, the rules of water generally involve pollution sources such as manure, garbage, animal feces and industrial emissions, but do not mention modern pollutants such as sediment, fertilizers, pesticides and road salts, according to a memorandum from the Hudson Valley Regional Committee of the Newburgh county agency.
\"What we see in the New York City case is the world --
A first-class example of protecting the source of drinking water, \"said Dan Shapley, director of the New York water quality project --
According to Riverkeeper, the monitoring team.
\"However, these same rules and regulations have not been updated in other communities in New York State in 100 and are not close to updating.
\"Newburgh is a model of the problems caused by the current network of water jurisdictions.
The state has air bases that pollute rivers that feed Lake Washington, but rent the property to the federal government.
A quarter of the reservoir is located in the town of Newburgh, an independent and confusing larger neighboring city with about 30,000 people, located in the north and west of the city.
Another 75 percent is part of New Windsor town.
The city of Newcastle pays property taxes to both of them.
Then there is development.
In recent years, the town of Newburgh has been building a large
300 is a Avenue along the west bank of Lake Washington.
Shapley warned that the run-off of the store posed another risk to water.
Changing basin regulations across the state will require the transfer of many divisions and powers from towns and villages to larger municipalities such as the county and even the state itself.
According to John Nolen, a law professor at Pace University and a lawyer at the school\'s land use law center, the constitutional basis for doing so is solid.
Nolon said there is no legal barrier to resolving the issue, but for a state councillor, the introduction of a bill to take away the main powers of the town may be occupational suicide.
\"It\'s a very politically tricky task because the state members in the parliament or Senate are all local politicians who are running for office,\" he said . \".
\"When they go home, it\'s hard for them to say, \'We just take away the power of the city to decide the future.
\'If the state commits a crime in a pollution case in Newburgh, Ciaravino believes that this is not a 1990 PFOS leak, but rather that the state classifies the silver stream as a Class D stream, this allows the Ministry of Defense to obtain emission permits in the first place.
The stream should be designated under Class A, which means that it provides drinking water and therefore should not be used for waste.
\"This is a simple mistake marked on the map,\" said Martin brand, deputy commissioner of remediation at the New York State Department of Environmental Protection.
He declined to comment on \"whether it is appropriate to remove [the position]\"To flow]
It was noted that the PFOS were not regulated until 2016.
He insisted, however, that \"all of this is properly mapped.
The Defense Department did not respond to calls and emails that repeatedly asked for comment.
Over the past two years, a thick steel diversion has cut the silver stream from Lake Washington and locked it with three chains --together, rust-
Cover wheel crank.
The stream was cut off from the lake, washed over the cement dam, through the woods and into the Hudson River.
The lake is still stagnant and full of pollutants that will not break down soon.
Ciaravino is concerned that there may be something that is not available in a village like Hoosick Falls in Newburgh.
According to census data, the white area of Hoosick Falls is close to 98% square meters.
Newcastle is 52% Hispanic and 26% black.
Historically, studies have shown that these population structures are more contaminated than white Americans, and that there are far fewer resources available to mitigate pollution.
Even without PFOS pollution, the water in Newburgh is dirty.
The tap water database of the Environmental Working Group shows the content of trihalmethane-cancer --
Resulting in contaminants formed during water treatment-about three times higher than the national and national average, but still within the law.
Chromium is a carcinogenic pollutant associated with industrial waste, three times the content of the EWG guidelines, which are based on joint state and EPA proposals.
This is only based on the data for 2015.
\"Perhaps in the past 20 years, we have no political power to advocate for our own security needs,\" Ciaravino said . \".
Even if Newberg did not force the state to take tougher action to clean up the pollution and change the way the watershed jurisdiction works, its lawsuit could open the door to a large number of lawsuits against the Ministry of Defense, the Defense Department is one of the largest polluters in the United States.
According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the military is responsible for 140 Federal Superfund websites, more than any other civil entity.
The problem may be bigger.
According to a report released by the Government Accountability Office on December 2016, as of last October, the Pentagon identified 391 \"active and closed facilities, known or suspected of releasing PFOS and PFOA \".
The report warned that there are still loopholes in the internal data of the Ministry of Defense.
\"Almost every military base, almost every fireman.
Enck told Huffington Post that a large number of PFOS were used for training courses.
\"We are in the midst of an emerging national crisis.
\"The story was updated to include additional sampling data on contamination.
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