The structure of the isolator system, high efficiency air separator materials

by:Booguan     2020-10-28
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high efficiency air filter consists of two parts, the two parts are respectively air filtration product core and shell, the basic requirements of equipment is higher filtration efficiency, flow resistance, can be continuous use in a long time in order to reduce the cost of consumables in the late filter means the air filter products, high efficiency air filter in the air purification industry plays a very important role. For this kind of equipment, you know how much of it? Do you know it the structure of the material? We come to Shanghai high efficiency air filter manufacturers to learn its structure material.

high efficiency air filter of aluminum profile is used for main frame structure, a multilayer frame, aluminum frame, galvanized steel frame, the use is more the plank type aluminum alloy frame, usually make it become the structure of the cube. Filter material used mainly by the glass fiber, chemical fiber is also slowly in the industry is to promote a kind of material. Some foreign manufacturers use some charged fibers made into high efficiency air filter products.

Shanghai high efficiency air filter manufacturer told us, efficient structure of the air filter is divided into two kinds, the two are no barrier with the distinction between the diaphragm. No partition USES the space owner if hot melt adhesive, is the main purpose of using the dividers is advantageous for the mechanized production. The device has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, is advantageous to the installation, efficiency will be more stable, customs will be more even. In some clean workshop need large quantities of filter, the filter adopts the barrier structure is a kind of no.

if there is a plate of high efficiency air filter, they often use aluminum foil, paper made some folding content the space of filter element as the content, but also has the air channel. Some points clapboard can adopt high quality kraft paper. Some points clapboard can also use double-sided adhesive coated on as a divider, the main role is to prevent shrinkage of the clapboard heating effect of wet and dry seasons.

this is Shanghai high efficiency air filter products manufacturers introduction to share with my friends in the high efficiency air separator structure material. In general, mainly divided into two types, one type is a partition, another type is no barrier. There are two types of partition to be used, all have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Friends can choose according to own actual need of the different types of high efficiency air separator.

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