The structure characteristics of the high efficient fiber filter, you know

by:Booguan     2020-10-25
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in many filtration equipment, there are a variety of different types, efficient fiber filter is one of them, this is a kind of advanced structure, good performance of products, and other products, this is according to the principle of fluid mechanics developed new energy saving water purifier, can effectively filter pollutants, guarantee the quality of water, so the products have very good use in the industry, to ensure the work efficiency. Today we wo yi came to introduce the structure characteristics of efficient fiber filter.

priorities, filtration precision is high. In the water, efficient fiber filter removal rate as high as 100%, the treated water is the natural water, can control below 2 ntu turbidity, the purity is very high.

the second point, filtration speed. Sometimes, everyone is try so hard, and this kind of filter can effectively improve the filtering speed, almost 3 - is a traditional filters 5 times, effectively improve our work efficiency, and boost work.

the third point, great capacity of sewage, after intercepting the certain pollution, equipment will for storage, without the need of human dump, convenient for everybody's job.

fourth, with regulatory. At the time of efficient fiber filter operation, we always need to adjust various parameters. And this kind of equipment can be accommodative is very strong, can not only adjust the air filtration product precision, also including sewage capacity, data filtration resistance and so on.

the fifth, cover an area of an area small, low cost. This equipment is very durable, better equipment cover an area of an area small, only 1/3 of the conventional equipment. Second, the equipment cost less than traditional filters, so we don't have to worry about their own costs, believe that everyone has the ability to buy.

a lot of customers are used, some of the equipment service life is very short, or always out some problems, however, the new improved efficient fiber filter can have a longer life expectancy, and also without frequent replacement of filter element device, even if there is the phenomenon of pollution, also can undertake cleaning, resume filtering performance.

so, through the above we wo yi introduction to the structure characteristics of efficient fiber filter, everybody to the strange device already has a certain understanding, is also interested in this? If you need to purchase, you can come and see us wo yi. If you have any questions, you can also to our wo yi's website to look at, we will provide more and better products and service for you, believe that won't let you down.

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