The selection of high efficiency air filter what's the point?

by:Booguan     2020-10-25
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the purpose of high efficiency air filter is very wide, many materials such as dust particles can effectively filter out by it, so highly recognition of industry colleagues. When it comes to the selection of the equipment point, how much do you know this? The focus on popular science.

important classification of high efficiency air filter is the filter device, it is on the particulate matter is 0. Below 5 um, so very fine. It is part of the two, the first is the shell, good appearance design; The second is the filter, to ensure that the quality of the filter.

people will follow three main requirements in the process of the choose and buy, first see how air filtration product efficiency, whether can ensure daily production and living needs. A second look at how the flow resistance, if resistance is too high, will affect the use experience; The third is how to use fixed number of year, if often damage or is life is not long, will increase the cost, and is not conducive to saving.

now very hot air purification industry, it has also been listed as one of the high-tech industry, after all, the environmental pollution caused by a lot of influence, everybody urgently wants to have a healthy and green living atmosphere. After a filter, air, purification of different media became more simple, also solved the everyone's concern.

high efficiency air filter can be used in many industries, such as medicine, food or drink, or in addition to the printing industry is LCD manufacture and so on. Within these industries have a dust-free purification workshop, will install it in the end of the air conditioning, so in the position of the air supply outlet filtering effect into full play. The classification of this kind of filter is very complete, divided into partition, partition type.

if you want to learn more about high efficiency air filters, need from these points, look at the control parameters, in addition to focus on filter efficiency, also should see on the amount of air volume and resistance to high and low and let dust. In addition, we want to see more of the industry standard, such as the high efficiency air filter products performance testing method for
transmittance and resistance 'is authority, worth everybody study repeatedly, which provides a different request, through rate, particle size is an important basis for testing.

different filters filter material is different, but the high efficiency air filter often use of super fine glass fiber, the material through the system test, the effect is very good. Considering the security of daily use, you will use fire prevention materials, different manufacturers have different degree of refractory products, depending on your applications.

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