The selection of high efficiency air filter what's the point?

by:Booguan     2020-10-25
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in the air purification industry, high efficiency air filter is quite popular, so we in the choose and buy should pay attention to what? The following will introduce for you.

the first is understanding of the parameters in detail, such as air filtration product efficiency of high and low, the size of the rated air volume, and the size of the resistance value and so on, these will affect the use of high efficiency air filter. In addition, we should also look at the amount of dust, as far as possible choose the product with high amount of dust.

second, need to refer to relevant standards in the process of inspection, the high efficiency air filter products performance test method for
transmittance and resistance 'is relatively common, people can have a look at the criteria described in the method, it performs is GB/T6165 - industry standards 1985, this should not be ignored. From the point of conventional products on the market, through the rate cannot be higher than 0. 1%, the size must be large, at least more than 0. 1 microns, and particle counting number is also nots allow to ignore, it directly decides the filtering effect is effective.

is made up of materials with different reference finally, normal product usually USES the superfine glass fiber, it is proven by the market, and widely respected. Although the main purpose of the air filter products is to filter, but everyone should be fire prevention matters mentioned first, look from refractory standard, it is divided into different levels, and better is the primary filter, has the characteristics of incombustible, you completely don't have to worry about the effects of fire. The rest is secondary filters and tertiary filters, respectively in different industry standards, the same is incombustible material, but the effect is different.

this is to introduce the main points of the choose and buy of high efficiency air filters, we should also pay attention to the use of this kind of filter knowledge, don't use alone, together with the purifying air conditioning system should be used. And the installation position is end, the manufacturer will provide installation guidance and support, specific can consult professional staff.

the current classification of high efficiency air filter products is very much, the factory is a detailed technical inspection, can also according to customer requirements to determine. If is a parallel universe, people must pay attention to the installation and composite filter tuyere, this is especially important. Also, according to the using purpose and environment for product positioning, such as the hepa air filter is very popular, but if it is under the environment of high temperature, you should choose high temperature resistant hepa filter.

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