The selection of electrostatic cotton you need to pay attention to these problems

by:Booguan     2020-10-27
Filter cotton

how to choose the electrostatic cotton? What kind of electrostatic cotton can satisfy your needs? If you can buy the appropriate static cotton, also need to consider whether to how to use the static cotton, to make static cotton play a better role, so what should pay attention to what problem? Wo yi small make up from two aspects of the purchase and use, to simple analysis for everyone.

how to buy cotton electrostatic

want to buy static cotton, it is important to note that the question is what kind of electrostatic cotton suit yourself. Everyone in the filtering work, hard to avoid can meet two rigid requirements, one is the accuracy, one is the efficiency, but want to solve these problems, we need to start from its own demand.

everybody before buying electrostatic cotton, need to understand their demands for filter what kind of work, such as what is the diameter of the pollutants, the need to use how much accuracy of static cotton can complete their air filtration product needs. Secondly will only need to consider the filtering efficiency, electrostatic cotton air filtration product efficiency in substandard housing, if there will be a bigger impact. Here suggest that we see in the rated time how electrostatic filter efficiency of cotton, to determine whether such electrostatic cotton can meet your needs.

how to use the static cotton

if you buy the appropriate static cotton, you need to note that the usage of electrostatic cotton, if improper use, or may impact on filtering effect.

want better use static cotton, must pay attention to the following questions.

everybody in the process of using electrostatic cotton, want to see if it will be the normal static cotton first, see if the air filtration product efficiency and filtration effect, look at the use of electrostatic cotton whether there is abnormal, if there is abnormal, need to understand what is electrostatic cotton is not appropriate, or use. The second note is electrostatic cotton need on a regular basis for cleaning and replacement, if static cotton have tend to be saturated, you need to change as soon as possible, let clean cotton static electricity can do what you want to filter.

remind filter manufacturer, want to make very good filtering esd cotton for their work as a result, it must focus on the static cotton purchase and usage. Before buying electrostatic cotton, need to understand how I want to do filtering work, need how electrostatic cotton, secondly you need when using electrostatic cotton, noted that some basic questions.

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