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by:Booguan     2020-09-06
The exclusive news system of the intake system is an important part of your vehicle.
If you care about horse power and optimal engine performance, your vehicle intake system must reach its full potential.
In addition, there are many custom and high-performance replacement parts and systems that will improve the performance of the vehicle.
Here is a brief description of some of the components of the inventory and professional intake systems, and why they are so important to your vehicle\'s operation.
Cold air input cold air intake will increase the power of the engine.
It reduces the air temperature at the intake to burn more effectively in the combustion chamber.
The proper cold air temperature provides greater power to the engine.
The combustion of the engine depends on the delicate balance of fuel and air.
Cold air is much more dense than warm air and holds more oxygen per volume.
More oxygen molecules entering means more effective combustion and more power during combustion.
The result is more horsepower and better fuel economy.
Most vehicles perform better in cool or cold weather conditions, often due to intake of cold air.
The engine running in a hot climate requires more accurate time to provide enough cold air for the engine.
The normal working cold air intake means an increase in throttle response and horsepower, as well as a significant increase in fuel economy.
Most vehicles have cold air intake in stock.
Some experts claim that these attract warmer air, and they suppress the proper air-conditioning flow in the position of the car.
As a result, these air outlets will not improve your engine performance and will not bring you fuel economy and high performance cold air intake.
For the coolest airflow, dynamic APC (
American products company)
Or performance-enhanced AFE (
Advanced FLOW engineering)
The cold intake will produce a more efficient combustion process and increase the horsepower and torque output.
The intake manifold is a channel network that guides the balanced air and fuel mixture to the air inlet of the cylinder head.
The airflow usually advances from the throttle body to a chamber that supplies a single runner, leading to each entrance.
If the intake manifold is configured to optimize the pressure pulse in the intake system, your engine performance will be enhanced.
The high performance or custom manifold is designed to take advantage of these facts and generate more horsepower and morerange torque.
Like many other engine components, the fuel injector has a limited performance life and must be replaced regularly.
The fuel pump is dispersed through the pipeline from the oil pump delivery system to each syringe to measure the amount of fuel very precisely.
In turn, the syringe atomizes the fuel and delivers it to the pre-
Inner combustion chamber.
When the syringe is dirty or \"sticky\", the engine performance may be greatly reduced and the syringe should be replaced.
When the spring compression strength becomes weak, usually due to wear, the fuel pressure inside the injector can exceed the spring pressure on the injector.
Obviously, this is not what you want to happen because it may keep the syringe closed, deliver an inappropriate amount of atomization fuel, or inject fuel at the wrong time to burn effectively, either too early or too late.
It can also cause the fuel to be delivered to the pre-
Chambers that are not finely and properly dispersed or atomised.
The result may be poor engine performance and irreversible damage to the engine.
DingTalk with a gasoline engine or on a diesel engine is a clear clue to this situation.
DingTalk on a diesel engine will be more noisy than the ping on a gas engine, and it sounds like a metal hammer.
At least it can be said that the engine damage caused by this can be very expensive and inconvenient.
It may cause the engine to smoke, and under extreme qualifying factors it may cause pre-chambers.
In rare cases, it may even cause them to break or explode.
The bottom line is one of the obvious conclusions;
Changing your nozzle before this type of damage occurs will save you expensive repairs.
Fuel pump fuel pump is the core component of the vehicle engine fuel delivery system.
Its function is to provide fuel quickly and effectively when you step on the throttle.
If your fuel pump is not operating properly, the performance of the vehicle will decrease if the fuel pressure it produces is lower than the normal fuel pressure, or if it leaks, the carburetor or fuel injection system will supply insufficient fuel.
Sufficient gas will not reach the combustion chamber unless your fuel pump provides the necessary fuel pressure.
Clean Fuel is an important part of performance.
When replacing the fuel pump, be sure to install a new fuel filter.
This is an important step in preventing contaminants from entering the fuel system.
A clean fuel filter also ensures adequate fuel pressure.
Filters for electric fuel pumps provide similar services, and fuel line and hose conditions also affect performance.
Don\'t forget that not all fuel pumps are the same.
Generally, the fuel pump is unique to your model and is designed to provide the best performance for your engine.
The fuel pressure regulator is almost self-contained. explanatory.
It adjusts your fuel pressure.
As you already know, the properly operated fuel pressure regulator will provide power and response when accelerating.
Some performance pressure regulators have complete pressure gauge functions that can make minor adjustments to fuel delivery.
Although the oxygen sensor is located in the exhaust manifold, it is related to the intake of the vehicle.
The oxygen sensor monitors the oxygen content in the exhaust of the vehicle. A U-
The forming rod inside the sensor is divided into compartments and the exhaust gas is discharged into the inner compartment.
Then, as a response to the oxygen content and signal strength, an electrical pulse is generated (oxygen content)
Sent to your vehicle-board computer.
The computer then calculates the oxygen content in the exhaust gas.
As a result of the analysis, the computer adds or subtracts fuel at the air inlet to obtain the correct air/fuel mixture.
This will maximize fuel economy and performance.
The oxygen sensor has limited life and may wear out.
The worn oxygen sensor has a lower accuracy and when worn and turned on, it is possible to report the wrong oxygen content in the exhaust
Therefore, the motherboard computer may make incorrect adjustments.
This can result in a rich or inadequate air/fuel mixture.
If your \"check engine\" light is on and the vehicle is running poorly, please check the oxygen sensor.
Some experts say it is necessary to replace the oxygen sensor every 60,000 miles in order to maintain vehicle performance.
Many other important components are included in the intake system of other important components and should be checked and replaced or upgraded regularly for better performance.
Including: *. I. R.
Pipe * air filter products Recharge Kit * air injection check valve * air quality meter * air quality sensor * air pump * air temperature.
Sensor * breathing valve filter * carburetor * carbon Tank * exhaust gas recycling return pressure filter * exhaust gas recycling vacuum solenoid valve * exhaust gas recycling valve gasket * PCV valve Grommet
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