The role of science popularization filter hebei activated carbon filter manufacturer

by:Booguan     2020-11-16
Activated carbon filtration equipment

the sales of activated carbon filter is always high, because it has many advantages, is a kind of very advanced manager, activated carbon filter manufacturer in hebei to science in detail the main principle of this kind of filter and purchase requirements, worth learning.

about the main characteristics of activated carbon filter, the cylinder body structure is very special, direct application is design of length to diameter, particle size of the structure is very reasonable. Although it seems relatively small surface area, but its actual adsorption area is very big, can guarantee the filtration efficiency of high efficiency, and many devices also joined the upper and the lower combination of product structure, so that the water quality purification ability will be improved, activated carbon can also serve you for a long time.

in order to make everyone better realize the effect of filtering, hebei activated carbon filter manufacturer for various research and hard work. Statistical points out, if through the activated carbon adsorption air filtration product, residual chlorine in water will significantly reduce, basic can't more than 0. The level of 1 PPM. Some iron or even the water is peculiar smell, still can solve through the device, it is one of the important magic weapon, dealing with water pollution is common in the work life.

everybody if in hebei province, activated carbon filter manufacturers understand the device can go to have a look at its air filtration product velocity, generally reached 15 to 20 meters per hour, backwashing strength is also very severe, in 4 - basically The level of 15 l/s. ㎡ if everybody to wash, it only takes a few minutes at a time.

it is because the activated carbon filter with the structure of tank, so use up is very strong, it directly USES the stainless steel material, fill the number of active carbon is very much, so people don't have to worry about the quality of the filter. If you want to choose the equipment, be sure to know more about its mechanical strength and adsorption speed, adsorption capacity because of the different equipment, the efficiency will have certain difference, about the filter speed reference table of different industries, we can learn.

the hebei activated carbon filter manufacturer has been in progress, currently in the process to do more sophisticated, but also auxiliary added more technology, along with the maturity and development of filtration purification industry, people more support to activated carbon filter, many manufacturers daily sales volume is very high, is the presence of very bright eye in filter industry.

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