The role of highly-socialized VOC filter and use matters needing attention

by:Booguan     2020-11-06
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in the market filtration equipment is very much, and in numerous filtration equipment, in addition to comparing the hot mist haze filters, number in addition to the VOC filter. What's the use of the filtering equipment? In the process of air filter products, is in what kind of role, what kind of role? Wo yi here small make up for all analysis, use the effect of VOC filter and the note.

the role of VOC filters

just as its name implies except the VOC filter effect, is that you can remove the VOC in the air. VOC is the English abbreviation volatile organic compounds, including organic chloride, benzene series, series of freon, alcohol, etc. , are VOC, a everyone can understand the examples, such as metope paint some of the harmful chemical substances to the human body, can be called a VOC. If VOC reached a certain concentration in the air, the abnormal phenomenon can cause the human body, such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, severe and even may cause convulsions and coma, will cause irreversible to the kidneys and brain damage.

VOC filter can effectively remove the VOC in the air, its working principle is the use of activated carbon, diatomite, zeolite, such as surfactant, to adsorb various harmful substances in the air, that reduce the VOC concentration in the air, avoid harmful substances into the atmosphere, or to a certain extent, improve the indoor air condition.

VOC filters using note

want VOC filter to maintain a good state, the completion of the VOC filtering work stably for a long time, you need to work in the filtering process, pay attention to the replacement of filter material. Generally want to VOC filter to maintain a good state, the state of the filter material is the key, if the filter material is in a state of saturation, natural cannot guarantee the filtration efficiency, if there is damaged, filter material and may even cause pollution of the filtered gas again.

grain benefit small make up recommend here, when the filter is in the use of VOC, often need to check the filtration efficiency and air filtration product effect, record the VOC filters of various numerical, assess the situation of filter material, and then at the right time to clean or replace filter material.

VOC filter can effectively filter the VOC in the air, reduce the VOC concentration in the air, avoid VOC atmospheric pollution, improve indoor air quality, but in use process need to filter material, pay attention to the filter material replacement and cleaning.

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