The role of high efficiency air filter principle and technology? How to install?

by:Booguan     2020-10-26
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now as a drop in the quality of air, air purifier in the rapid rise of the market. The effect of air purifier essence is the ability to filter dust and impurities in the air, the air purification, especially suitable for large hotel companies, dusting workshop and so on. High efficiency air filter will be installed at the end of the air filter process, the last step is to purify the air environment. Its technical principle is based on superfine glass fiber filter paper as filter material, filtering tiny dust particles in the air, high efficiency air filter precision up to 0. More than 5 microns.

the shape of the high efficiency air filter products to the frame structure, in addition to the ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, supporting structure also includes some, such as galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy profile, etc. , these structures can ensure the stability in the process of air filter is in use, use for a long time, the damage will not occur.

efficient filter has many advantages, it is of high air filtration product efficiency, small resistance, is often used to electronic screens, optical instrument, biological medicine, drinks, food and so on many industries of air environment quality high. According to the enterprise actual demand is different, can be customized to different type of high efficiency filter structure, mainly including the , , big air volume efficient filter and so on.

when using high efficiency filter, regularly on the performance of the filter and usage for testing, according to its working condition, the replacement, inspection maintenance on a regular basis. When check the usage and high efficiency filter, should monitor the loss of the filter material mainly, and pay attention to whether the frame structure and high efficiency filter has been damaged, if there is any breakage should be timely downtime repair and replacement. material if air leakage problems at the same time, also should give timely replacement.

because of the dust control high precision and high efficiency filter, filter is therefore cannot be used after cleaning, dust filter to let the larger limit, over its lifetime, it should change in time. In order to be able to let the role of the filter is stable, can regularly for high efficiency air filter to wipe clean the dust, in order to ensure the constant air purification effect.

after the custom to buy high efficiency filter, check through the manufacturers professionals for installation, and requires before installing, the outside environment of the whole necessary clean.

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