The role of air purification tank in life and importance

by:Booguan     2020-11-11
Purification equipment

air purification tank application widely, have application in each domain, home to single class in the field of home air purification tank for the mainstream market products. The main function is to remove the particulate matter in the air, including allergen, indoor PM2. 5, etc. The release of air pollutants in a relatively closed space has two characteristics, persistence, and uncertainty, so the use of air purification tank purifying indoor air is internationally recognized as one of the way to improve indoor air quality.

air purification tank is mainly composed of motor, fan, air filter products, intelligent monitoring system of some type of machine with water tank, add wet function or auxiliary purification devices, such as anion generator, high voltage circuit, etc. The air filter products is one of the core components.
other purification device, in fact, have only auxiliary function, so the stand or fall of air filter products is directly influence the effect of air purification tank is the key factor.

air purification tank working principle is through the filter to filter out harmful substances or pollutants in the air, now people more or less on the respiratory system disease, this is because in the air, have a lot of pollutants, the pollution is one of the root causes respiratory system disease, after the body to absorb the pollutants, respiratory and even our organs are affected,

a lot of people don't know if I need air purification tank, and what kind of people need air purification tank. Let's look at together. New house decorate good, just decorate material more or less will produce some pollution, lead to the increase of indoor formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, it not only can damage the respiratory system, also can make some immune low infant increases the risk of illness, at this time, we need to be able to remove the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, benzene air purification tank to help us to remove indoor air pollution. Bedroom: for many office workers, the bedroom is they stay longer in the home room. If do not have enough time during the day ventilated, the air quality inside the room must be very poor. We can put in the bedroom a ark of air purification, provide a fresh air indoor sleep environment.

in the long term product, purification equipment companies think about consumers' real demand, research and development of real worth, pass the product technology content, is the key to air purification tank market sustainable development. Now can obviously feel empty net brand more attention to the trend of demand subdivision, after, regardless of whether they are just play novice or has been insisted on predecessors, products should be to consumers as the core, continuous innovation, and to master the core technology will always be king.

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