The performance of high efficiency air filter and need to be aware of the problems in the process of use

by:Booguan     2020-10-25
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high efficiency air filter is one of the more common products in the air filter, the main characteristic of this kind of filter can be adsorbed air diameter is only 0. 3 u m to 1 u m or so of dust particles, which can guarantee the improvement of air quality, benefit for people's life and industrial production to provide a suitable environment.

high efficiency air filter has many USES, such as in the field of electronics, medicine, food and other industries involve the application of high efficiency air filter, air filter can production operation process for the industry to provide a clean space. Similarly, in daily life, we also need high efficiency air filter, help us to build a good environment.

in the high efficiency air filter products, play the main role is to filter structure and the filter material, the filter performance of material structure, moment affects the performance of high efficiency air filter. From a certain perspective, the material is the key factor determining filter performance, such as activated carbon as filter filter and with glass fiber as main filter filter, the performance will have a very significant difference between the two.

contrast, some of the smaller diameter of the material structure, the filtering performance is good, such as glass fiber board structure, the use of very fine glass fiber, sintering, and the use of special process, formed a kind of similar to the structure of the multilayer woven, thus can greatly improve the efficiency of adsorption. Such sophisticated glass fiber board structure, therefore, generally used as a high-efficiency filter cartridge, and for the efficient filter filter structure, at the beginning of the generally adopt filter structure of larger diameter, material are more likely to win.

in industrial production, is often used in air conditioning and air equipment unit, it can help the ventilation, in the wind equipment to remove the dust in the space, prevent the equipment in the wake of a massive dust into the internal structure of case of damage. In addition, in the process of clean room project construction, also involves the installation and application of high efficiency filter.

in order to be able to extend the service life and high efficiency filter, make sure it is still able to play high filtering performance, high efficiency filter in use process, should often for its maintenance and maintenance, such as the need to regularly clean the inside of the filter structure, prevent let the amount of dust and affect the filter performance.

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