The notes on high efficiency air filter in the using process

by:Booguan     2020-10-26
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this two years, with the different types of filter unit of infiltrated all walks of life, let a user and consumer groups, business information for high efficiency air filter is very concerned about. Let's simple to understand, this type of equipment in use process should grasp the details of the operation.

high efficiency air filter using notes on

priority, want to let the filter device has high efficiency of filtering effect, you need to pay special attention to the storage and transportation of such devices, must be in accordance with the manufacturer logo on the outer packing is put in the right direction, and in the transport process need to be light with light, make sure that there is no damage to give high efficiency air filter.

2, high efficiency air filter products before the installation, the installation environment need to take the corresponding clean sanitation, clean, and ensure that the requirements of the clean degree reached after, you also need to use to purify the air conditioning system with a continuous run more than 12 hours, to ensure that the overall cleanliness meets the requirements to install filters.

3, before the high efficiency air filter installed, you will first need to check equipment, to ensure the appearance and performance, there is no problem, can be in accordance with the right steps for installation.

4, if the devices for a long time not to use, then must conform to the requirements of the store environment, and need to be perpendicular to the ground, as far as possible to ensure the scope not more than 2 meters.

5, high efficiency air filter after open the packing, must carry on the correct installation as soon as possible, the longer the time, the equipment has the higher pollution levels.

6, the installation of this kind of filter unit, remember to pay attention to the direction of arrow frame identified above, as far as possible to maintain and air flow in the same direction, the correct installation operation more conducive to later filtering effect.

7, because different environment, to the requirement of clean degree is different in selecting high efficiency air filters, should according to their actual needs, to determine the corresponding basic parameters and performance characteristics, especially in the area of fire rating requirement, must pay attention.

in the face of different industries are now in the introduction of such high efficiency air filter, let us witness its excellent filtering effect at the same time, also let everybody see the development of science and technology. Believe that in the next few years, the filter will continue to improve and update, so as to have more good filtering effect, and the permeability of the field more. Want to know the detailed information, real-time update dynamic can pay close attention to our web site at any time.

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