The known analysis filter industry trend of the development of filtering net blades

by:Booguan     2020-11-02
Filter piece

filter variety, currently on the market some product package design side, others no package edge, depending on the main needs of customers purchase. If you choose not to package edge filter slices, characteristic is intuitive, it is using a punch, and joined the special process, so the whole mold can full use of it, we can be made into different shapes, applied more widely in the practical life.

in addition, we also need to know about the package edge filter, it is in very high demand in the market. Besides using abrasive, can directly use strip, this will is very simple, package edge to handle and appearance is very beautiful and easy, do not affect the use of people.

this is to introduce the main classification of filter, and then take a look at the main material of filtering net blades, first is to use stainless steel net, this is the main choice of many customers. Another person to use the black screen, and even in some workplaces are we going to see galvanized mesh. Due to the use of the characteristics of each have different, the cost of raw materials is different also, so different there are some differences between the price of filtering net blades.

there are many manufacturers purchase screen pack, such as mechanical or chemical industry company, etc. Besides, there are many companies also need to filter. In the air filtration product industry, filters can be said to be the foundation of existence, it provides filtering way for everyone, and the cost is not high, also can make the different shapes of a growing rectangular or square. Many manufacturers according to the needs of users can adjust the product structure, in addition to common single layer, sometimes made into multi-layer or double, but the price will be a little higher, because more materials.

in fact, from the perspective of customers, we only need the basic principle of filtering net blades for processing as long as a little understanding. Because in practice, we should be more concerned with quality of filtering net blades, such as whether it can extend his life in the case of lower costs, such as whether can better application together with other equipment?

the filter on the above is to introduce the major knowledge, in addition to focus on screen pack piece of material itself, we can have a look at the package edge materials, many filter manufacturers will use aluminum or rubber, because it has very good performance.

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