The kind of the filter in the filter and its performance advantages

by:Booguan     2020-10-31
Filter products

filter in industrial production and family life are very common products, it can effectively filter the gas or liquid impurities, thus is often used to purify workshop, sewage treatment, dust removal, and many other fields. Filter is apparent effect in filter, and filter material directly determines the filter, filtration efficiency, accuracy and filter the overall performance.

in the study of the actual performance of the different filters, can be found that the filter screen is different, will affect its performance, different materials, because of its density, the distribution of the different itself, will have significant impact on air filtration product precision. For example, in the coarse filter, filter, basically some density is larger, a thin filter structure, distributed them unable to absorb the dust than 1 micron particles.

for some density is larger, distribution of thick filter, the filtering performance is better, such as glass fiber filter, its surface is uneven, and diameter is very small, so can increase the distribution density of the ways to improve the adsorption ability, it is because the material better filtering performance in the practical use, are often used for high efficiency filter.

in the types of filters, it can be divided into natural fiber, synthetic fiber, inorganic fiber materials, etc. , coarse low-end is effect filter commonly used in synthetic fibre materials. Such as chemical synthetic fiber cloth, the transmittance is higher, and the amount of dust is big also, toughness is good, so are often some environment more bad, and low requirements for purification area.

in general, when selecting a filter material, not just focus on the application of the filter performance, will also pay close attention to it in other ways, such as its high temperature resistant performance, maintenance cycle, corrosion resistance, etc. , the physical and chemical characteristics will directly influence on the performance of the filter used, so you need to give enough attention. In specific choices, to assess the comprehensive performance of different types of screen pack, as much as possible instead of only focusing on screen pack some of the indicators.

at present, the filters in the market, the main product is still a glass fiber material, but also on the positive research its alternatives, such as membrane filtration products, relative to the glass fiber material, membrane filtration products will greatly reduce the manufacturing cost, filter effects have obvious improvement.

activated carbon ( https://www. booguanfilter。 com/huoxtguoliq/)
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