The installation of the air filter core should pay attention to?

by:Booguan     2020-11-08
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air quality to everyone in recent years, a variety of fog, sand and catkin in the people side, people breathe the internal body, air quality serious decline of people's life, so all sorts of filters are widely used, then the air bag filter why so popular? We look at the specific introduction.

air conditioning popular bag filter:

it is the product of the filter industry rapid development, and of course in this industry there are many types of filters, and domain is used in different occasions, for people's life and industrial production to provide a good help, air bag filter was so popular is that it has advanced, high-tech filter system, in the industry is very advanced, and the progress of science and technology, the introduction of various high-tech technology, make its appearance not only attracted numerous users, resonated function is to let a lot of users.

the reason 1, simple shape and appearance: the size of the equipment design is very reasonable, let the structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, install and operate also not complex, use is easy to get started.

the reason 2, high air filtration product precision, this device not only suited to be used in air conditioning, also can be used in the manufacture of water treatment and large industrial areas, be able to filter tiny particles or suspended solids.

3, big filter area, air filtration product resistance is very small, when filtering efficiency is high, users can effectively reduce the cost.

the reason 4, wide using range: usually can be used in the coarse filter, filter or fine filtration, after corresponding filtering effect at the same time, it will be better than other filtering equipment use cost is much lower.

5, convenient cleaning: be able to complete the cleaning job in the corresponding period of time, fast and convenient, save time and effort, because are not with fear when cleaning equipment use.

6, can satisfy the requirement of different traffic, and the quality of the filter is very high and very stable.

the above is the cause of the air bag filter was so popular, of course, this is it itself is a lot of related research and design, at the same time if you want to put the above the reason is very good, production, production technology of equipment and process to guarantee, so you need when choosing equipment must not be arbitrary.

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