the high importance of clean air filters on fuel lube trucks

by:Booguan     2020-09-04
The truck engine is very different from the air purifier and the car engine.
Air volume of semi-air filter products on semi-air filter
The truck is big.
When the engine passes through the air, there is any dirt or debris in the engine
The filter will damage the engine, and a small amount of the filter is enough to damage the engine.
In terms of numbers, the presence of about 10 ounces could destroy cars worth about $40,000.
Not very clear about the number of moves in the air-
Detergent present in the diesel truck engine, which is a considerable amount of air volume, needs to be cleaned to ensure proper combustion and efficient performance.
For truck air filters, it is important to approach full efficiency in order to better protect the motor.
When the air flows through the filter, the dirt is stuck on the filter and the filter is defended as part of the aircleaner system.
The dirt inside is stuck on the filter and also on the other dirt inside.
That\'s why the filter is not used compared to the air filter, which happens to be a bit dirty.
Following the appropriate air cleaning strategy can improve the efficiency of the engine, thus reducing pollution and thus providing more power and fuel economy.
What needs to be mentioned here is that the fuel lubricating oil truck and diesel truck company should know that if the truck owner is notified to replace the filter after the oil is changed, in fact, they are shortening the life of the truck engine, also cheating customers.
This is because the presence of a little bit of dirt on the filter will collect other dirt present in the suction airflow.
As part of improving fuel economy, it makes sense to understand Air
Problems that may arise in filtering, both biological
Diesel, mixed or straight diesel running the engine.
According to a statistic, some manufacturers claim that their OEM truck filters can run more than 120,000 miles before they need to be replaced.
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