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by:Booguan     2020-10-31
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just decorate good house, certainly cannot live immediately, because when house in decorating to use a variety of materials, and these materials in the hard to avoid can have toxic and harmful substances. So how to remove poisonous and harmful substances in the room? Filter factory workers by the analysis of the professional experience.

house just finished decorating, there are a lot of poisonous and harmful material, if live immediately entered the room, will certainly has a great influence on people's health, so before live should think of some way to remove the harmful gas of the room, filter factory workers say, have the following several methods.

give priority to, can put green plants in the room, we all know that green plants help to purify the air room, and newly renovated room will put some green plants also have adornment effect. Such as bracketplant cactus, or is the chrysanthemum, and so on, are of great help for room environment and pure and fresh, the effect is very good.

in the second place, it is possible to increase room problems, toxic or harmful gases of formaldehyde is very dangerous, but formaldehyde has a feature, in high temperature environment with volatile speed will be faster, so once you have room to rise, the problem of formaldehyde volatile speed is faster, open the Windows and door, let formaldehyde volatile out.

third, indoor and ventilated breathe freely. Decorate the house, don't be always closed the doors and Windows, such room of poisonous and harmful gas have been unable to be sent out. Often open a window ventilated breathe freely is a good choice, if you can insist on two or three months, the house is almost can live, but still at ordinary times don't remember open the window.

4, activated carbon adsorption. This method is good, but also can remove the toxic or harmful gases of large area, good the cost would be more expensive, but is now a lot of families are in use, use effect also reached the people's recognition and favor.

5, air filter products. That's good equipment installed in the room, open for a while, every day can give people build a pure and fresh environment.

this is filter factory workers to analysis how to remove toxic or harmful gases room, actually method is not only these, the key is the user needs to choose a suitable own method, through the above introduction, also hope that customers can live in a safe and healthy environment, improve their quality of life.

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