The filter bag cleaning process in what can be done

by:Booguan     2020-11-08
Filter bag

if filtering equipment used in the filter is the filter bag accessories, you can every once in a while, to clean the filter bag, and then let the filter bag filter can continue to work to use. But we want to know, clean the filter bag is in need of some methods, the correct method can let the filter bag to maintain a good level, and some incorrect method, but may result in the filter bag is damaged, wo yi here small make up to help you analyze.

can't use more hard brush

in the process of cleaning should pay attention to, can't use a hard brush, and other items, to clean the filter bag. Many filter bag is in use after a period of time, attach a lot of pollutants, difficult to clean, but if you use more hard brush cleaning, pollutants can be clean down is on the one hand, and on the other hand is easy to filter bag, filter bag itself is relatively fragile, after all. Here suggest that we can use the more soft will not harm the filter bag of tools to clean, also can use cleaner, but use cleaner also has some problems to be noticed.

cannot use soda acid through strong detergent

here remind you that don't use cleaner using strong acidic alkaline cleaners, after all we all know, the filter bag itself is weak, the filter medium too acid, alkaline, may result in the filter bag is damaged, if the cleaner is too acid, alkaline, and the long-term use of this cleaner, the filter bag also will more and more fragile, constantly being shorten service life. So you want to use more neutral detergent, detergent will not damage to the filter bag.

cannot insolate of filter bag

in the use of filter bag, of course, also need to pay attention to the point, is cannot insolate of filter bag. Know that it's not dry the filter bag can't install, but also does not mean to let the filter bag fast dry, can exposure, exposure to cause a decline in the service life of filter bag quickly. In the process of drying, it should be in a cool ventilated place, let the filter bag won't be the sun, or will not be high temperature baking.

clean filter bag of concern to the three aspects above, in the process of cleaning filter bag won't because of the wrong way lead to the filter bag is damaged, so as to maintain the quality and service life of filter bag.

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