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by:Booguan     2020-11-03
Filter bag

bag filter is a new type of air filtration product equipment, it has a wide range of small volume, convenient operation, itself, use less space, reasonable structure design, high energy, etc, is made up of filter cylinder, cylinder lid and quick opening mechanism, stainless steel filter bag to strengthen network composed of main structure such as a new type of air filtration product unit.

when change the filter bag bag filter is very convenient, simple and quick, save a lot of costs. And can need not cleaning bag filter, thus saving a lot of time and labor, the structure of the bag filter, it is very reasonable, the secrecy good, the good circulation effect.

bag filter operation simple and convenient, there are many types of installation, use smart, can accommodate a lot of dust, etc. There are a lot of benefits. And the filter bag is not easy to leak some objects, can better filtering effect. To change the filter bag is very quick, can reduce the operation steps. Filter inside and outside surface adopt mechanical sandblasting polishing solution, easy to clean.

side in side out of the bag filter is taken by the filter method. And a method of side in bottom out, need to pass filter to filter the liquid import flow, flow into the filter bag, filter bag in the block, by filter out, generally USES the import and export of the strainer design side in bottom out of the way, this cleaning more convenient.

bag filter can be divided into several classes, have a single bag filter, bag filter, rocker arm, high precision bag filter bag filter, etc. They have a larger filter area, and resistance is small, has a high filter efficiency, can greatly reduce the operation cost, etc.

the wide application of bag filter, quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter is in the range of bag filter applications, this kind of filter can filter out some tiny impurity particles in the water. This kind of filter can be applied to various places of water, can remove the contaminant particles and suspended solids in the water, and meet the requirements of users.

so suggest that we must periodically to filter for maintenance work, in order to better play to the function of the filter. Must be in install and use in the life to use after a period of time for cleaning, regular cleaning of the impurity on the filter bag and dirt, and change the filter bag in a timely manner, so as to effectively avoid filter bag breakage, ensure the service life of the filter. On the other hand, will affect the filtering effect, cannot play its normal functions. Filters after cleaning the filter bag also can be repeatedly used, thus saving a lot of cost.

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