The effect of high efficiency filter, installation and maintenance matters needing attention

by:Booguan     2020-10-24
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efficient filter mainly adsorbed particles of dust in the air and all kinds of suspended solids, the filter is mainly used for various air filtration product system at the end of the filter, the filter material is made of super fine glass fiber paper making, frame in galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy profile is made and be become.

the advantages of high efficiency filter, the filter with high efficiency, low resistance, let dust amount is larger. At the same time, it has wide USES, has applied optics electronics, LCD manufacturing, biological medicine, precision instruments, drinks, food, PCB printing and other industries.

efficient filter can be divided into the form of the structure has a , , big air volume high efficiency filter, super high efficiency filter, etc. It also has three kinds of filters, ultra high efficiency filter respectively, and the antimicrobial type no hepa air filter products, . The three filters have their own advantages, to introduce for everybody below.

super efficient filter it has very good purification effect, has the ultra high filtration efficiency. Antimicrobial type hepa air filters have antibacterial effect, no major indoor pollutant removal. best hepa filter and its price is cheap, and more used in the purification of the request is not high.

for high efficiency filter, should also be in accordance with the relevant provisions and regularly check the time, change and record. The strainer should check when checking the degree of the filter material, check whether the filter material deformation or air leakage. Check the filter frame, connection pipes, etc have obvious air leakage situation, also check the filter chamber pollution levels and the presence of corrosion. At the time of replacement filters, to stop running the equipment, replacing the filter cannot be recycled, can not use after cleaning, should be replaced. After the replacement of the filter also want to clean up around the framework, must have the spare filter, prevent damage of the filter, in the event of damage should be replaced immediately. This kind of high efficiency filter in use after a period of time need to clean and maintain, because a large number of dust filter adsorption on the surface of the filter material, thus resulting in a decline in filtering effect and influence the use efficiency, reducing the air purification effect.

when installing high efficiency filter, attention should be paid to some problems, to be clean before installation, the blowing clean system should be empty. Purification workshop also want to comprehensive cleaning, if you want to use the vacuum cleaner dust, cannot use ordinary vacuum cleaner, must use with ultra clean filter bag vacuum cleaner to clean. If installed in the ceiling, the ceiling should be clean before can be installed.

at the scene of the installation, for installation of to open the packaging, check out after do appearance. Look at the filter paper, sealant and frame is damaged, presence of product certification, technical performance is in line with the design requirements, if the inspection qualified can be installed.

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