The development history of air filter what kind of? Take you many understand!

by:Booguan     2020-11-11
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air filter important role is to solve the impurities and dust in the air, help to remove pollutants from dry or liquid flow or particles, it can be used in the purification in the field of industrial engineering. In recent years, China's industrial production is constantly improve product quality, it also benefited from the ascension of air air filtration product technology, such as in food production, lack of clean environment, it will be difficult to produce qualified products, therefore, in many areas of industry, we all need the participation of air filter products. of the sort is more, the difference is not just about different structure types, more is the difference between the material of product. According to different material properties, and the air filter mainly include natural fiber materials, chemical materials, inorganic fiber synthetic fiber and so on.

to filter the market more understanding of the friend, must know that the filter is more commonly used in synthetic fiber filter material and inorganic fiber filter material. In the high efficiency filter, for example, the use of filter material is belong to inorganic fiber filter material, it is a kind of glass fiber filter paper, it can be easily cut off 0. 3μm- 1. Miscellaneous dust within 0 microns, the main principle of adsorption is the use of dust particles in air flow generated by the irregular Brownian motion, in the irregular movement, dust particles can produce electrical nature, resulting in electrostatic effect, adhesion in glass fiber filter.

in addition to the glass fiber material of air filter is commonly used, some are more common, high durability of metal mesh metal mesh is made of thin metal wire in the form of weaving, welding and metal fiber felt, it has good permeability, high strength, high capacity amount of dust, air filtration product precision higher advantages. At the same time, the maintenance methods of the metal mesh is very simple, only need to clean off the dust, also can undertake secondary USES, the economic effect is very obvious, recognised by the market.

air filter not only can absorb the dust in the air, adsorption in the air of some part of the air filter can also be harmful substances, such as is also the commonly used method is available to a harmful gas adsorption, activated carbon because of its simple, effective, low cost and an adsorption material widely used, and the activated carbon air filter is often used in some petrochemical industry.

activated carbon ( https://www. booguanfilter。 com/huoxtguoliq/)
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