The clogging filter mesh, common reason have?

by:Booguan     2020-10-30
Filter equipment

filter is a kind of medium pipeline device, its application range is wide, is mainly used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. The advantage of the filter is more, corrosion resistance, the structure is new, small size, small footprint, easy and flexible operation, using time is longer, have higher filtering effect, etc.

filter according to the thrust can be divided into gravity filter, vacuum filter, three kinds of pressurized filter. Below for everyone to introduce these filters, respectively.

gravity filter is suitable for the equipment of air filtration product rate request is not high, for example: the bag filter and sand filter.

vacuum filter, atmospheric pollutants in the suction cups and vacuum generator, mainly used in chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and other industries, its role is to prevent pollution.

pressure mechanical filter operation stability, investment is small, suitable for small and medium-sized water treatment. Mainly to remove all kinds of impurity in the sewage, the device has the very good adsorption ability, better wear resistance, pressure mechanical filter in accordance with the requirements of water quality, can use combinations of single and multiple units.

filter press performance into line filters, double drum filter, high pressure filter, according to the industry is divided into the hydraulic oil filter, filter used for food, medicine, with a filter.

the hydraulic oil filter is mainly used for oil filter industry, such as: vacuum oil filter, oil filter, line filters, etc. Food with filter is mainly used for dust filter, air filter, air filter products. Medical use filter is mainly used for liquid filter, breathing filter, etc.

filter according to the function is divided into self-cleaning filter and automatic brush filter, filter.

automatic cleaning filter through the mesh to intercept the impurities in the water, remove the pollutants and particles in the water, improve water quality, its capacity of sewage quantity is small, easy to jam, so should be cleaning regularly.

automatic filter is widely used a device that has the filter has big filter area, large amount of sludge, convenient cleaning.

there are two kinds of stainless steel brush filter types, respectively, automatic stainless steel brush brush filter and hand stainless steel filter, its role is to remove the pollutants and particles in the water.

recommended to filter to do maintenance work, want to work on a regular basis to remove impurities, the cleansing impurities, it is important to note that the stainless steel wire mesh on the filter element, not deformation or damage, if it is found that filter deformation or damage, should be replaced immediately, so that filter device can use for a long time.

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