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by:Booguan     2020-11-16
Filtration equipment

when it comes to the filter's type and type, the existence of henan air bag filter is very special, because it is super fine synthetic fibers, the process has a high standard of requirements, but also made the corresponding improvement of product, to ensure the environment of green health, and long term operation, will not cause harm to human body.

if you want to fully understand the characteristics of henan air bag filter, we can start from filter material, the fiber filter material has carried on the compact set, can say can have good results against dust, under the influence of such a high rate of dust catchers, can ensure accurate filtering effect.

a lot of people have such worries in use process, if the operating environment has the very high wind speed, whether can affect the service life of filter bag. Henan air bag filter manufacturers in the production of fully consider the question, not only in the interior of the filter way for everyone to join the lining up to six, but also specially add the metal strips are fixed, so not only let all the filter bag, give full play to the role of the filter, but also to ensure the tightness. Flat doesn't happen in the course of using, but increase the filter area, the whole set is very excellent.

through the above introduction, it is not hard to see in henan air conditioning of bag filter is a large amount of dust, also won't have too much pressure loss. Its high-temperature performance can reach 80 ℃ or so, the outer frame is used aluminum alloy frame and galvanized box, so to ensure stability. We can have a look at the overall thickness when the choice, generally between 20 and 25 mm, won't take up too much area.

henan air conditioning is the main purpose of the secondary filter bag filter, so we often can see it in the precision clean room, this is a very important part of the filtering operation, can help manufacturers solve the problem of shear line space maintenance,

if you want to buy air conditioning henan bag filter, can compare the different models of average efficiency and aluminum color, in addition to compare the rate of catching dust, can choose to satisfactory equipment.

this is science of henan air conditioning for everybody the basic characteristics of bag filter, actually its use range is very wide. If you select G4, completely can be used as a profiteer. If you choose to F7, it can be applied in the plastic industry, also it can be used in the field of laboratory.

bag filter ( https://www. booguanfilter。 com/daishiguolvqi/)
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